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June 19, 2014
TMD Staff

Adaptive high-pressure coolant system

The RA11 series adaptive high-pressure coolant system is designed to adapt the flow of coolant to correspond to the size of the cutting tool in machining applications that require a wide range of cutting tool sizes.

The adaptive flow system on the RA11 automatically adjusts coolant flow in a range from zero to 11gpm, maximizing efficiency without sacrificing power.

Other key features of the new pump include a single M-code operation that simplifies ladders and a heavy-duty diaphragm pump that ensures consistent coolant pressure. The RA11 is offered with an optional programmable pressure feature adjustable up to 1,000psi that experiences no pressure drop over time.


  • Dual 5µm filtration
  • Dirty filter alarm
  • Zero-downtime
  • Quick change filters
  • Large capacity filters

MP Systems Inc.

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Micro drills for Swiss-style lathes

A new line of cobalt and carbide micro drills in 0.10mm thru 3.00mm diameter sizes in 0.01mm increments suits a full range of micro drilling and spot drilling operations. Superior edge quality – precision ground and finished on shank diameters – enables holding the micro drills in standardized ER collet holders, eliminating the need for expensive specialized micro collets. In addition, the micro drills, when paired with the GenSwiss advanced precision micro drill holder, add an extra performance measure for machining tight tolerance micro parts production. GenSwiss Micro Drills are available in 10-piece packs from stock.

Micro drills series

  • 3610 Series – HSS center/pilot/spot drilling
  • 3630 Series – Carbide center/pilot/spot drilling
  • 3620 Series – HSS 5X D micro drills
  • 3640 Series – Carbide 4X to 5X D micro drills
  • 3650 Series – Carbide 5X to 7X D micro drills
  • 3660 Series – XP performance carbide 7XD drills

IMTS 2014 booth #W-2356


A growing family of CNC

Introduced at IMTS 2012, the 808 model basic CNC brings the power, flexibility, and reliable performance of Siemens technology to the job shop. Already accepted as an OEM component by numerous mill and lathe builders, the 808 provides job shops the opportunity to apply advanced CNC power to existing machines.

The 808 rounds out the growing family of CNC models from Siemens, which now spans the range from the most basic 3-axis machines to the most advanced 5-axis machining centers. With full robotic integration, secondary ops management, and transfer line capability all on a single control, the 840D is still a benchmark by which other CNC technology in the market is judged.

Siemens Industry Inc., Motion Control Business
IMTS 2014 booth #E-5010