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July 1, 2015
TMD Staff
Design/Engineering Motion Control

Robotic automated fine wire termination

Robo Hot Socket rapid fine wire termination connector assembly technology, available to all OEM application markets, removes human variables from the process of installing the medical device cable to the connector assembly. A thirty-four pin connector is terminated in four minutes using Robo Hot Socket robotic automation technology.


  • Wire sizes from 22AWG to 56AWG
  • Complex miniature design capable

Onanon Inc.


Internal rotor drives

EC-I 40 high torque series of DC motors includes three iron-core internal rotor drives with a diameter of 40mm. They feature high dynamics, a low-cogging torque, and high-output torque. The strongest motor offers a maximum nominal torque of 234mNm and is 56mm in length.

Brushless DC motors are suited for robotics, prosthetics, and industrial automation. EC-I 40 motors can be combined with maxon gearheads, servo controllers, or position controllers.

maxon motor


Servo motor brakes

Eclipse servo motor brakes use spring-engaged air-release to keep the brake cool until it is needed, so, the brakes do not consume energy when the brake is disengaged.

Servo motor brakes are designed to mount to the shaft end of servo motors up to 20hp, including NEMA 23, 34, and 42 frame sizes. A square-shaped housing allows the mounting features to be customized to match the motor dimensions. The brake’s output end duplicates the motor mounting features. The input end bore accepts the motor shaft and is fixed inside the brake with a split-hub/shaft collar arrangement.


  • Integral flanges adapt to various servo motors and mounting styles
  • High torsional rigidity, no system wind-up
  • Configured to hold machined end of a ball screw
  • Can be used for intermittent dynamic stopping
  • Spring engaged for holding and E-stop applications
  • High speed capability – engineered and balanced for servo applications

Nexen Group Inc.


Three-way electronic valves

The DV-3 line of Minimatic electronic valves have high flow rates and a cycle life of more than one billion. The series is modifiable with flow, mounting, pressure, voltage, and material options. These valves are suited for a range of applications.

Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc.


Z-axis piezo nanopositioners

QNP-Z series piezo nanopositioning stages are guided by precision flexures, optimized using finite element analysis. The resulting design enables high process throughput and fast, closed-loop response.

All QNP piezo stages offer optional closed-loop feedback using a capacitive sensor design for sub-nanometer resolution and high linearity. The capacitive sensors measure the output of the positioning carriage directly, enabling accuracy and repeatability.

Coupled with Q-series controllers and drives, QNP piezo stages demonstrate sub-nanometer positioning resolution and in-position stability, and high-positioning bandwidth.

Open-loop is available and effective for applications where compact size, high-dynamics, and sub-nanometer positioning resolution are required, but absolute positioning accuracy and repeatability are not required.

Aerotech Inc.


Ball screw products

The precision Metric Ball Screw product line can move significant loads and masses. The line offers both preloaded and non-preloaded ball nuts in multiple configurations, along with flanged, V-threaded, and cylindrical keyed mounting options. All ball nuts are precision ground and engineered to operate with precision-rolled ball screws or precision-ground ball screws.

Nook Industries


Single rail stage

A single rail positioning stage, used in a 6-axis demo, coordinates the motion of three linear motor-driven axes with three rotary motor driven axes. It uses AMC’s Click&Move automation solution software along with AMC’s servo drives to achieve the desired motion profiles. No external controller or hardware is used.

The multi-axis SRS-EX series stage is ideal for closed loop positioning applications that require independent multiple motions on a single travel plane in a compact, small footprint. Each moving table has an independent encoder head reading a single encoder scale. This allows each moving table to be easily tracked by any multi-axis motion controller.

It is assembled on a single piece of aluminum extrusion allowing for long travel distances without the need of machining additional components. The ironless core coil assemblies have no magnetic attractive force to the stationary magnet assembly, which results in zero cogging and increases bearing system life. Moving the motor coil reduces the system’s moving mass, allowing for much higher accelerations of light payloads.

View a video of the 6-axis demonstration at


  • Single extrusion lengths up to 6m
  • Ability to run multiple motors coils on a single magnet track under closed loop control
  • Custom strokes, forces, feedback resolution, and vacuum compatible configurations available



Straight and curved rail & roller block systems

SAIBO SB-LGV straight and curved rail and roller block systems are available in three widths and two styles to meet load requirements up to 7,200N (1.619 lb). These low profile linear and curved rail systems feature low noise, smooth travel, high speed, low weight, high accuracy, sealed radial low friction bearings, and easy installation into new and existing applications.

SAIBO SB-LGV roller blocks have an adjustable preload system to control the required level of precision needed for most applications. Additionally, rail and block systems can be mounted horizontally or vertically. There are nine sizes of roller blocks for straight rails and seven sizes for applications incorporating straight and curved rails. Each block has drilled and tapped holes for mounting tooling, cameras, and test equipment. The blocks’ rollers are available in hardened steel to 60+RC or in AISI 440 C stainless. Straight and curved rails are precision ground from high-carbon bearing steel hardened to 50RC, straightness is to ≤0.05mm/1,000mm.


  • Lengths to 2,000mm (79")
  • Curved sections with radiuses from 79.5mm (3.13") to 516.5mm (20.3")
  • Operating temperatures of -40O°C to 1,20O°C (-40O°F to 2,48O°F)