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August 7, 2014
TMD Staff

Extended capacitance range, voltage ratings

The capacitance range and voltage ratings for AVX’s X7R MLCCs have been extended, resulting in a broader product offering with several new high volumetric efficiency options. Available in sizes spanning 01005 to 2225, AVX’s X7R MLCCs exhibit high K and low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and are now available with capacitance values spanning 100pF to 47µF and standard voltage ratings spanning 4V to 500V. High voltage X7R MLCCs with ratings up to 5,000V are also available, as are automotive and alternate termination options.

Ideal applications for X7R MLCCs include decoupling and filtering in mobile, medical, and digital applications, such as cell phones, tablets, high-speed processors/fast signal processing performances (FPGAs), and implantable medical devices in which high volumetric efficiency is especially critical. The series is also particularly suited for use as snubbers, resonators, filters, or DC blocking caps in automotive, medical, industrial, and commercial electronics, including displays, high voltage multipliers, high frequency power converters, and switch mode power supply (SMPS).

AVX Corp.


Silicon carbide 1,200V MOSFET

The first commercially available silicon carbide (SiC) 1,200V MOSFET with an RDS(ON) of 25mO in an industry standard TO-247-3 package is now available. The new MOSFET, designated the C2M0025120D, based on Cree’s proven C2M SiC MOSFET technology, has a pulsed current rating (IDS Pulse) of 250A and a positive temperature coefficient. The high IDS Pulse rating makes the device suitable for pulsed power applications, and the positive temperature coefficient allows the devices to be paralleled to achieve even higher power levels.

The higher switching frequency of the new C2M0025120D SiC MOSFET enables power electronics design engineers to reduce the size, weight, cost, and complexity of power systems. For medical applications, such as CT systems, Cree’s C2M MOSFETs provide a 5X reduction in switching losses and enable higher power density. Combined with the lower switching losses, the low RDS(ON) greatly improves the thermal characteristics and can potentially eliminate system fans, resulting in quieter and more cost-effective medical imaging systems.



Miniature metal inductive sensor

The inductive sensor miniature line expands with the addition of the BES R04 block sensor. This robust, metal-housed inductive sensor is for extreme applications where everyday hostilities can challenge standard sensors. The sensor also offers a ceramic sensing face, making it a choice for applications with weld spatter, metal debris, and vibration; and its small size and low profile make it suitable whenever space is at a premium.

Balluff Inc.
IMTS 2014 booth #E-5167


  • Small and flat
  • Short housing length enables integrated installation in compact assemblies
  • Flat housing allows small installation depth (≥5mm)
  • Lightweight for applications with high acceleration
  • Fully integrated electronics, no external amplifier needed
  • High switching frequency allows for high cycle speeds
  • Rugged
  • High-grade brass housing with fully potted electronics and low mass
  • Ceramic cover on the active surface resists weld splatter and sparks
  • Protective silicone tubing cable version available
  • Simple mounting
  • Single M3 screw provides a secure hold


Unamplified board-mount pressure sensors

The TBP series of board-mount pressure sensors are designed for customers who require a simple, high-quality, cost-effective, basic performance, mV-output sensor that is compensated and unamplified so they can do their own amplification while retaining maximum resolution.

The TBP series, used to measure gauge pressures, may be used in medical applications including hospital beds, oxygen concentrators, wound therapy, and blood pressure monitoring.

The sensors offer a wide pressure range 1psi to 150psi, and an operating temperature range from -40°C to 125°C (-40°F to 257°F) and a 0°C to 85°C compensated temperature range. Their size of 7mm x 7mm (0.276" x 0.276") is very small when compared to most board-mount pressure sensors, simplifying installation. The TBP series have an unlimited shelf life after the packaging is opened, can be calibrated within an hour after reflow solder, and are compatible with modern, lead-free, no-clean solder processes.

Honeywell Sensing and Control


Alumina ceramic

A high-quality alumina ceramic, with strong dielectric properties and a reliable surface finish, is now being used in radiotherapy equipment for oncology treatment. Deranox 970 is a high-density, non-porous, and vacuum-tight material with a 97% Al2O3 (aluminium oxide) content that provides consistent electrical insulation.

Frequently used in high-vacuum systems, in laser and microscope applications, and as an insulator in medical and scientific equipment, it has now been specified as the sealing element for RF windows in radiotherapy equipment. Acting as a mechanical seal at either end of the vacuum chamber through which electron beams pass in the radiotherapy process, RF windows maintain the integrity of the vacuum, allowing electrons to pass through while preventing both ingress of contaminants and vacuum leakage.

Developed alongside Deranox 970 for radiotherapy equipment, Morgan has also introduced a tailored moly-manganese metallizing ink to facilitate the bonding process when the RF window is brazed to the body of the machine, creating the optimum seal and safeguarding the vacuum.

Morgan Advanced Materials