U of Minn. starting medical device master's program

The University of Minnesota is recruiting students for a new master's program in medical device innovation.

January 11, 2014
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This new program, the Master of Science in Medical Device Innovation, is under the Technological Leadership Institute, part of the university's College of Science and Engineering.

The new curriculum is aimed at preparing students for managing the challenges of the medical device industry.

In today’s complex and rapidly changing healthcare environment, many factors can make or break success for promising new medical devices and technologies. TLI’s new MS program in medical device innovation (MS-MDI) prepares students to anticipate, navigate, and manage these complex innovation challenges in order to accelerate commercial success in the global medical technology industry.

As illustrated below, the MS-MDI program integrates multiple disciplines including technology innovation, project and business management, intellectual property, regulatory affairs, and public policy and provides our students with a systemic understanding of the “end-to-end” medical device innovation dynamics that includes but goes well beyond the traditional technology focus.

Scheduled to enroll its first class in June 2014, the MS-MDI program is a great way for early career professionals to develop technical depth and accelerate their success as project and product development leaders within the large and growing medical technology industry.

To find out more, contact Amy Danzeisen at 612.624.8826 or mdi@umn.edu.

Source: University of Minnesota