Italy, manufacturing, and engineering students

Italy, manufacturing, and engineering students

January 4, 2016

Offering more than red wine and chocolate, a visit through Italy highlights the manufacturing technology the country boasts as well as introduces me to a brilliant group of students – the future of manufacturing in the U.S. Read More

ISO and quality management

January 30, 2015

I ran across an interesting blog by Michael Rappaport on the IQS website. He talks about one of the lesser-known ISO standards – ISO 16792:2006 – discusses its beginnings and where it is headed in the coming years. Read More

Education, engineering, success

February 25, 2014

In 6-1/2 years, all of my children will be out of high school, and hopefully onto college. Since they were little I have made sure that they attended our local Camp Invention, which is a STEM-based weeklong summer camp designed to inspire and engage elementary school children in “science, technology, and their own innate creativity.” Read More

Pleas to educate heard around the world

February 13, 2014

From elementary through high school, career days and hands-on activities are happening in hopes of stirring the interest that a career in manufacturing and engineering is cool. Read More

Plan for MFG Day is Oct. 3, 2014

February 7, 2014

Illustrating what manufacturing is, and what it isn’t, is the purpose behind Manufacturing Day. I know the next MFG Day is not until Oct. 3, 2014, and that probably seems far off, but before you know it, the day will be here. Read More