Gear hobbing solutions

Gear hobbing solutions

October 2, 2018

Affolter Technologies

Switzerland – The AF110 plus is the most advanced machine offered by Affolter Technologies. It offers versatility, precision, power, rigidity, and ease of use. The AF110 plus has 8 axes and a cutter-spindle speed of up to 12,000rpm, capable to make gears with a maximum DP17 and minimum of DP1270. Different automation systems for part loading and unloading are available, such as universal grippers, drum loader, or robot loading as well as options such as deburring, dry cutting, centering microscope, and oil mist aspiration.

The loader system AF71 with two grippers ensures 24 hours automatic production. While a gear is in the hobbing process, the other gripper already reaches out for the next part to load. The AF110 plus can cut spur, helical, frontal, bevel, and crown gears.