ANSYS, MachineWorks expand use of Polygonica

ANSYS, MachineWorks expand use of Polygonica

March 8, 2018

Ansys Inc.

Sheffield, United Kingdom – ANSYS, a leader in engineering simulation software, and MachineWorks, provider of manufacturing software middleware, signed an agreement to expand the use of Polygonica Polygon Modelling Software toolkit throughout ANSYS.

Polygonica is used in ANSYS Discovery Live software, ANSYS’ new tool that enables fast computation of CAE analysis results using the power of the local GPU. ANSYS Discovery Live shortens the feedback loop between design and analysis by empowering the product designer to see relevant results immediately during the conceptual design process.

ANSYS Discovery Spaceclaim software was an early adopter of the Polygonica technology, which was initially used within additive manufacturing workflows. The SpaceClaim team has helped progress the Polygonica functionality to support more generic polygon-based CAD functionality.

“We are very excited that ANSYS have seen the potential for using Polygonica across their product range and we fully expect they will be driving us to deliver solutions to even more challenging polygon-based geometry problems,” says Dr. Fenqiang Lin, managing director of MachineWorks.

"The agreement with MachineWorks enables ANSYS to provide the industry-leading faceted modelling capabilities of Polygonica more broadly to our customers,” says Justin Hendrickson, director, product management at ANSYS. “Our recent release of ANSYS Discovery Live brings simulation to every engineer through remarkable ease of use and dramatic speed – Polygonica extends the included geometry editing to faceted data beyond traditional CAD."