Custom-made seals: EPDM seal AP 306

Custom-made seals: EPDM seal AP 306

December 7, 2017

C. Otto Gehrckens
Design Components

The EPDM high-performance material has been granted the most important approvals for application in these highly demanding industries as well as the harmlessness test per FDA 21. CFR 177.2600, AP 306 is approved according to USP class VI in chapter 88 up to +121°C and chapter 87. The C. Otto Gehrckens EPDM compound also successfully passed the cytotoxicity test (according to ISO 10993-5:2009).

This EPDM compound has extremely low migration values, which are in particular demand in applications in which there is a risk of contamination with the media to be sealed, e.g. in cell cultivation or insulin production.

The high-performance material furthermore has excellent resistance to contact with CIP and SIP media and, in addition, is suitable for applications with WFI water. Owing to the operating temperature range from -40°C to 150°C, AP 306 is adaptable to the particular requirements of the production process.

Properties of AP 306

  • Special-EPDM compound for the medical technology, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology
  • Excellent resistance to CIP and SIP procedures
  • Suitable for use with WFI water
  • Good resistance to aqueous media
  • Excellent resistance to hot water and water vapor
  • Certified according to USP Class VI chapter 88 to +121°C and chapter 87
  • Approval according to FDA and ISO 10993 part 5 (cytotoxicity test)