4GSPS dual-channel 12-bit PCIe Gen3 data acquisition board

4GSPS dual-channel 12-bit PCIe Gen3 data acquisition board

October 6, 2017

Ultraview Corp


Ultraview Corporation has announced an ultra-fast 4GSPS dual-channel 12-bit PCIe Gen3 data acquisition board, allowing concurrent acquisition of two 12-bit A/D channels, at up to 2 GSPS (4 GSPS for 1-channel). The AD12-2000x2K7US’s combination of a low-noise DC-2 GHz front end, fast ECL, TTL and analog waveform triggers, deep 8GB on-board buffer, and programmable sampling rate from either a low-jitter internal synthesizer or an external clock, enable new capabilities in defense, scientific, and medical applications.  When installed in any x16 or x8 PCIe slot, the AD12-2000x2K7US can acquire data at up to 8 GB/sec, optionally process it in the on-board Kintex7Ultrascale FPGA, and continuously stream the data via 6.5-7GB/sec (system dependent) DMA to host system RAM for immediate use, display, or storage to disk. When installed in a suitable system with dedicated RAID, optional data recorder software enables seamless recording of terabytes of data without interruption.


Key Features:

  • Low latency rapidly-retriggerable acquisition and zero-dead-time hardware averaging allows 150dB displayed average noise level (DANL)
  • TTL Inputs concurrent with sampling, for precise time correlation of analog and digital events
  • Low-jitter internal synthesizer for software programmable data acquisition rate, as well as wide-range external clock for swept measurements
  • Rapid development and OEM-customization using easily modifiable, Linux/Windows cross-platform C-Software/VHDL-Firmware packages included with board
  • Rapid customization, library of firmware IP cores
  • Low total system pricing. Standard PCIe x16 format allows installation in low-cost systems