DISCUS Software update

DISCUS Software update

May 9, 2017

Discus Software


Columbus, Ohio-based, DISCUS Software officials announce the company’s latest software update, DISCUS 9.0. The DISCUS Desktop software tools are productivity solutions that dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete first article inspection, in-process inspection planning and process planning.

This major upgrade includes enhancements to DISCUS Desktop FAI Suite and Planner.

The release focuses on feedback received from customers and responds to a critical and long awaited industry need: Auto Ballooning of PDF and Tiff files.

DISCUS Desktop 9.0 with Auto Ballooning allows users to automatically balloon an entire page or drawing in just a few clicks.

DISCUS Desktop 9.0 is intuitive and improves OCR performance and responsiveness, while incorporating unique Auto Ballooning and OCR improvements, such as:

  • DISCUS Desktop Auto Ballooning – users can automatically balloon an entire page or drawing in a few clicks
  • Users can select a specific area or view for auto recognition of balloon data, set up the specific requirements, with minimal user interactions
  • DISCUS OCR can now recognize stacked dimensions, automatically recognize references dimensions
  • DISCUS OCR users can capture ancillary text, such as TYP, THRU, CHAM, CHAMFER, DEEP; information is structured with appropriate notes
  • Users can rotate dimensions by 15° to support various dimensions that display at various angles other than 90°; Images exported will be properly oriented and OCR will capture the data
  • Inspection Planner allows users to enter results for any operation in addition to the final Inspection

DISCUS Software is offering a free trial of the new DISCUS 9.0 update. In free trial mode, users can try out DISCUS Desktop for an indefinite period of time, but will only be able to operate on the included set of input files (the example TDP, drawing, and specification files). To evaluate the DISCUS Desktop products with input files, obtain a 30-day evaluation license by selecting the Get Evaluation License button on the Free Trial pop-up window within DISCUS Desktop.