Dual spindle vertical machining center

Dual spindle vertical machining center

October 31, 2017

Doosan Machine Tools America

Machining Centers

The DMP 500/2SP, from Doosan Machine Tools America, is equipped with two spindles and two automatic-tool-change (ATC) systems. The DMP 500/2SP doubles productivity by machining two parts simultaneously, as well as greatly reducing work loading, unloading, and idle times. For reduced setup times, the right spindle features a W-axis adjustment of 20mm (0.8"), allowing quick compensation for any variability in fixture heights between spindles.

12,000rpm direct drive spindles with 87 lb?ft of torque are standard, and 8,000rpm spindles with 211 lb?ft of torque are optional. The load capacity (1,763 lb) and table size (47.0" x 20.5") easily accommodate a variety of workpieces and fixtures, and together with the 20.5" Y axis stroke, offer a machining space well suited for a range of parts.

Dual 24-tool capacity magazines are standard, and 30-tool and 40-tool magazines are optional. The dual ATCs boast 1.7 second tool-to-tool times, keeping the tools in the cut longer.