ElectroMatte non-reflective electropolishing process

ElectroMatte non-reflective electropolishing process

May 9, 2018

New England Electropolishing

Surface Finish

ElectroMatte, a non-reflective electropolishing process reduces part reflectivity while offering the benefits of traditional Electropolishing. ElectroMatte cleans, deburrs, and passivates stainless steel components. Ideally suited for tubing and laser cut components, ElectroMatte will meet the finishing procedures of ASTM A 967, ASTM B 912, and ASTM A 380.

ElectroMatte is a strong alternative to blasting, pickling, and other traditional cleaning processes. It eliminates multiple process steps and produces a consistent matte finish on stainless steel parts.

ElectroMatte finishing is suited for the following applications:

  • 300 series stainless steel parts
  • Medical sub-assembly components
  • Machined or stamped parts
  • Tubes
  • Welded parts