GibbsCAM simplifies programming of SOLIDWORKS models

GibbsCAM simplifies programming of SOLIDWORKS models

February 8, 2018

Gibbs & Associates

3D Systems’ GibbsCAM software for programming CNC machines showcased the newly released version of GibbsCAM, GibbsCAM 12 at the SOLIDWORKS World 2018 Conference in Los Angeles, California, earlier this week.

During SOLIDWORKS World, attendees experienced GibbsCAM’s optimization for machining parts designed in SOLIDWORKS. GibbsCAM is a SOLIDWORKS Certified CAM Product--providing seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS.

GibbsCAM directly reads SOLIDWORKS part models, preserving features and attributes, and use these to identify, organize and select features for machining even with complex parts with flat areas, pockets, holes and compound holes.

The combination of GibbsCAM 12 and SOLIDWORKS provides a complete CAD/CAM solution for virtually all manufacturing environments. Whether parts have simple geometry needing only 2.5-axis milling or 2-axis turning, or complex geometry requiring use of 5-axis machining, MTM or Swiss-style turning centers, the SOLIDWORKS GibbsCAM combination accommodates and optimizes the machining process.

GibbsCAM 12 is a single application, with a single user interface for programming all CNC machines. Whether the customer needs simple or complex parts or uses simple or complex machines – GibbsCAM 12 handles it all with the same, familiar, efficient interface.