5-axis 40-taper vertical machining center

5-axis 40-taper vertical machining center

April 17, 2017

Haas Automation Inc

Machining Centers

Haas Automation’s UMC-750P is a 5-axis 40-taper vertical machining center (VMC) with 30" x 20" x 20" travels and a unique arrangement of the rotary axes. The machine is equipped with a powerful 8,100rpm inline direct-drive spindle driven by a 30hp vector drive system, and comes standard with a 40+1 tool side-mount tool changer.

The rotary axes of the UMC-750P are configured differently than on other Haas UMCs: The rotating platter has been replaced with a fixed table on which is mounted an HRT210 rotary table with an A-frame support. The B-axis trunnion provides ±45° of tilt, and the HRT210 provides 360° of A-axis rotation for excellent tool clearance and large part capacity.

Standard features

  • 8,100rpm inline direct-drive 40-taper spindle
  • 30hp vector drive
  • Trunnion provides ±45° of Tilt
  • HRT210 provides 360° of rotation
  • 5-axis control
  • Dynamic work offsets
  • Tool center point control
  • 40+1 side-mount tool changer
  • Wireless intuitive probing system
  • Spindle orientation
  • High-speed machining w/look-ahead
  • User-definable macros
  • Coordinate rotation & scaling
  • User-defined second home position
  • Power-failure detection module
  • 1GB expanded program memory
  • 15" color LCD monitor w/USB port
  • Ethernet interface
  • Rigid tapping

Options (partial list)

  • 12,000rpm inline direct-drive spindle, 30hp
  • Belt-type chip conveyor
  • Through-spindle coolant systems
  • Programmable coolant nozzle