Tool holding technology portfolio

Tool holding technology portfolio

July 2, 2018

Haimer USA

Villa Park, Illinois – Haimer USA will feature their entire product portfolio at IMTS 2018 in Booth #431546. With products ranging from tool holders and tooling technology to presetting, shrink fit, and balancing machines, Haimer is a system provider around the machine tool.

Haimer is the leading developer of inductive shrink fit technology. Haimer Power Clamp shrink fit machines provide 360° gripping torque with repeatable balance at the touch of a button. If the triple threat of being easy to use, fast to operate, and having the highest gripping torque isn’t enough, consider the unsurpassed 0.00012” runout accuracy our shrink fit technology provides. And Haimer Power Clamp shrink fit machines provide a precise and repeatable tool change every time. Haimer has removed the variables which slow down productivity – such as frequent and lengthy tool changes, unbalanced toolholders and variation between tool changes, which is why more and more shop owners and plant managers are turning to Power Clamp. Haimer’s product line has the largest range of shrink fit machines and coils. From our Basic Line, to our Premium Line of Power Clamp shrink fit machines, Haimer has the right shrink fit technology for any need.

Haimer Shrink Fit tool holders and collet chucks
Haimer Shrink Fit tool holders – Haimer Shrink Fit Technology provides the 0.00012” runout precision with the highest, 360° gripping torque of any holder, along with a repeatable balance (G2.5 @ 25,000rpm) – giving you ultimate tool life & surface finish. Shrink Fit technology has no moving part and clamps the same way every time – so there is no variation between tool changes.

Mini Shrink Fit is the perfect solution for the requirements of micro-machining. Haimer Mini Shrink Fit has an extremely slim profile design, which eliminates part interference, and a 3° taper for longer reach capability with shorter tool overhang. As with all Haimer Shrink Fit, it has 0.00012” runout accuracy, with the highest balance, quality and stability. Mini Shrink Fit is ideal for the Haimer Power Clamp Nano shrink fit machine.

Haimer ER collet chucks provide more versatility for any application. They are fine balanced at G2.5 @ 25,000rpm, with high runout accuracy, and come in a variety of lengths and sizes.

The Power Series – including Power Shrink Chucks and Power Collet Chucks – are suitable for all applications but ideal for high-performance machining as well as heavy milling with a high chip volume. The Power Series is designed with more mass for greater vibration dampening and better surface finishes.

Haimer Tool Dynamic balancing machines provide highly precise measurements to ensure your tools are balanced. Balance is the key to increased productivity. Imbalanced tool holders cause chatter, bad surface finish, shorter tool life and increased spindle wear. This imbalance forces operators to slow down production, until acceptable tolerances, surface finish, and machining sound have been attained. This increases cycle times, which in turn reduces machining profitability. Balancing your entire tooling assembly with Haimer Tool Dynamic Balancing Machines ensures longer cutting tool life, reduced machine spindle wear, better surface finish, and the ability to run your cutting tools faster.

Haimer’s Microset tool presetting machines not only reduce set up times by as much as 70%, they also allow you to increase your machine utilization at the same time by streamlining your tool setting processes. Designed for absolute ease of use with uncomplicated software and a thermally stable cast iron base, Microset gives you the highest degree accuracy and process reliability from one operator to the next. Haimer Microset tool presetting machines are industry 4.0-ready with post-processing capabilities and ± 2µm repeatability. With features such as ‘Release-By-Touch’ with laser edgefinder, vacuum clamping, 1,000 tool data storage and an incident light, Microset presetters are truly set apart from the rest. From entry level machines that are very cost-effective for low volume users all the way to fully automated presetting, Haimer offers a wide range of tool presetting equipment under the Microset banner that will fit every application and budget.

Haimer 3D Sensors make locating the edge in XYZ as easy as 1-2-3. Quickly find the exact positioning of the spindle axis on the edges of the workpiece without the math of calculating the probe’s diameter – our sensors are pre-calibrated to incorporate the probe tip radius offset. And with our sensors, zero on the indicator means zero on the machine.

Tooling technology
The Power Mill end mill series
is made from K20-K40 grade fine grain carbide developed to be matched with HAIMER’s premium tool holders. Haimer’s premier end mill geometries utilize unequal flute and helix designs to provide chatter free high-end machining. Haimer Power Mill end mills have integrated Safe- Lock shanks for optional use with the Safe- Lock tool holding technology. Its variable helix design provides vibration-free machining and a runout accuracy <0.0002” for ultimate precision. Power Mill end mills are precision ground and fine balanced, so you are also guaranteed consistent and repeatable performance and maximum metal removal rates. Expanded offering available in inch and metric.

Haimer’s versatile Basic Mill end mill is a high performance variable helix end mill. This end mill not only provides superior milling capabilities but is also specially designed to perform a wide range of applications normally done with a drill. This tool is designed to reduce harmonic resonance, thereby decreasing vibration and enabling higher speeds with increased depths of cut. Its variable helix design varies from front to back, making the Basic Mill Z4 (31° to 33° helix) perfect for roughing and finishing. Capable of making aggressive cuts in general steels, cast iron, alloy steels and stainless steels, the Haimer Basic Mill Z4 can easily slot up to 1.5x diameter without any reduction in feed rate. For added versatility, Haimer gave the Basic Mill Z4 a unique end gashing and flute design, which adds the capability to do steep ramping and plunging (drilling) operations that other variable helix tools on the market can’t do. Available in inch and metric, a full complement of radii and flute lengths, and with or without Safe-Lock shanks, the Basic Mill series is the do-it-all end mill for the shop.

The Haimer Safe -?ock anti-pullout system has revolutionized the manufacturing industry by providing reliable pullout protection that withstands even the toughest materials. The Safe- Lock principle works like this: spiral-shaped grooves integrate into corresponding carbide drive pins in the tool holder, uniting frictional clamping force and positive locking. This allows for increased cutting depths and feed rates and doubles metal removal rates. The design provides increased MRR without sacrificing runout or balance accuracy. Now available in an even greater variety of sizes, tapers, and clamping systems.

Haimer’s modular interface Duo-?ock for carbide cutting tool heads was created to combat the steadily increasing cost of carbide, as modular cutting systems with carbide heads have continued to gain traction in the marketplace. Haimer has recognized the value of such modular systems and perfected the technology, creating a very stiff, precise interface. The concept of Duo-Lock provides maximum stability and stiffness based on an innovative thread with the patented double cone connection and an additional third supporting pilot at the base of the interface.

The Haimer Cool Flash system guarantees optimal coolant delivery, even at the highest RPM. While other delivery systems lack reach, accuracy (and can easily be moved out of place) and cannot be used at high RPM due to lack of sufficient pressure, the Cool Flash technology has proven to outperform across the board. The Cool Flash design directs coolant into T-slots at the nose of the holder and works with the centrifugal force of the rotating tool to lead the coolant along the shank of the cutter and directly to the flutes at any speed. This method of coolant delivery minimizes temperature of the cutting edges, eliminates welded balls of chips on the cutting tools, and optimizes runout accuracy, extending tool life up to 100%.