Smart high-pressure coolant system

Smart high-pressure coolant system

September 11, 2017

MP Systems

The VR8 Variable Volume High Pressure Coolant System (HPCS) can extend machine tool life, improve part quality, and reduce cycle time. The VR8 is part of MP Systems’ new Variable Volume VR Series, a line of HPCSs the company launched in late 2016.

VR Series systems are very durable and energy efficient, only using as much horse power as needed to make set pressure, and the high-pressure system automatically adjusts the volume to maintain it. Variable volume flow adjusts to up to 8 gal/min. Pressure is adjusted from the VR system’s programmable logic controller and controlled by the cutting machine’s M codes.

VR Series programmable pressures range from 250psi to 1,000psi and systems have 50-gal or 70-gal vertical reservoirs, depending on the model. They can be used with water or oil-based coolants. All come with two quick-change large capacity filter bags, a machine installation kit, and a two-year parts warranty. MP Systems works with end users’ machine tool distributors to determine the most suitable coolant systems for each machine and application.