SS207-5AX LaserSwiss machine

SS207-5AX LaserSwiss machine

January 10, 2017

Tsugami-REM Sales
Machining Centers

Windsor, Connecticut – Tsugami/Rem Sales, the exclusive North American importer of Precision Tsugami machine tools, will demonstrate its new SS207-5AX LaserSwiss at the MD&M West Expo in Anaheim, California, in February 2017.

This will be the first time the company has displayed the Tsugami SS207-5AX LaserSwiss at an MD&M show. The machine combines Swiss style machining with laser cutting on one machine, allowing manufacturers to perform Swiss turning and laser cutting operations with a single setup. All operations are programmed and driven from the machine’s Fanuc 31i-B5 control. The laser nozzle standoff adjustment is NC controlled, and the laser’s power level, frequency, pulse width, and lens focus are all adjustable ‘on the fly.’

The SS207-5AX LaserSwiss holds 33 tools, plus the SPI Fiber Laser, which is available in 250W or 400W configurations.

Tsugami/Rem Sales will also demonstrate thread whirling on the S206 CNC Lathe at the show. The S206 has an electronic servo-driven guide bushing and up to 39 tool positions. The 20mm 6-axis Swiss turn is convertible, meaning it can be run as a traditional sliding headstock machine with a guide bushing or as a chucker without the guide bushing.

About Tsugami/Rem Sales
Tsugami/Rem Sales has been the exclusive North American importer of Precision Tsugami machine tools since 1978. A division of Morris Group, Inc. of Windsor, Connecticut, Rem Sales sells new Tsugami machine tools via national distribution channels and direct sales agents. The company also provides application engineering, service and customer training.

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Source: Tsugami/Rem Sales