WARDJet’s X-Series waterjet

WARDJet’s X-Series waterjet

March 2, 2018



Tallmadge, Ohio – Design of the WARDJet X-Series was implemented to increase speed, accuracy, and durability of the machine. Its components, including the re-engineered crossbeam, are simultaneously lightweight and sturdy. They are instrumental to the improved performance of the X-Series and have been meticulously crafted to be highly modular. The crossbeam can hold multiple cutting heads, and a variety of aftermarket components can easily be added to increase the capabilities of this already versatile cutting system.

The X-Series line consists of three waterjets. The X-1515, X-1530, and X-2040 have a cutting envelope of 5ft x 5ft, 5ft x 10ft, and 6.7ft x 13.1ft., respectively. The variety of sizes make for a flexible line that can fit into most shop floors and is viable for businesses of any volume. X-Series options now include an internal variable water level control that doesn’t take away from the cutting envelope. This system allows operators to cut material underwater, which effectively reduces splashback and noise level while cutting. The open design of the X-Series enables material to be loaded from the front, back, or sides of the machine.

All X-Series waterjets are shipped with the next-generation motion control software called Move. Developed entirely in-house by WARDJet, Move is an intuitive, easy to use waterjet control program that brings out the full capabilities of the X-Series.