Zeus 3D printer

Zeus 3D printer

November 6, 2017



The M3G Zeus 3D printer features a large print area, custom-designed double liquid-cooled extruder, user-friendly camera and remote control, in a large, robust and stable design. Features include:

  • Double extruder: Metal extruders with nozzles of different or equal size, liquid cooling and self-calibration sensor
  • Tablet Control: External machine control trought wi-fi connection with tablet or home network using OctoPrint software
  • Automatic loading: Internal coil holder with automatic loading, dehumidifier and control of the presence and flow of the filament
  • Industrial structure: Structure worked in carpentry for maximum strength and solidity
  • Heated room: Heated room at a constant temperature of up to 70° for best results of those materials that require a controlled environment
  • Print area: It has a printing area of 50cm x 50cm x 5 cm high for large prints; Magnetic and removable heated plate