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AGVs, AMRs integrate for CNC automation applications; High-performance solid carbide end mills; 3-axis CNC machining center

October 14, 2022


AGVs, AMRs integrate for CNC automation applications

Typical automated guided vehicle (AGV) applications include material intralogistics, delivering tools to machines, and moving machining pallets between production process phases. The common goal of AGV projects is timely, safe, and economical transfers of production items and Fastems is actively developing ways to use these technologies efficiently with CNC automation.

Fastems’ Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) brings higher intelligence for AGV use by overseeing all production orders and resources, scheduling every piece of this complex puzzle. In practice, MMS schedules production based on customer orders and available production resources such as machine tools, cutting tools, and raw materials, then prompts the AGV’s fleet management software to perform the right transfers at the right time.

Fastems has multiple R&D projects in progress to understand and find the most productive and economical ways of AGV and autonomous mobile robot (AMR) use in CNC automation. With interfaces already created for several AGV fleet management software programs, and a dedicated in-house interfacing team, Fastems can integrate any AGV brand of the customer’s choice.

High-performance solid carbide end mills

Greenleaf-360 end mills combine a proprietary flute design with a high-performance carbide substrate, allowing for fast, efficient material removal with less stress induced into the part. A combination of strength, toughness, and heat resistance enables machining capabilities from roughing to finishing with extended tool life and predictability. The high-performance end mills have shown speed and feed performance 25% to 50% higher than the competition with extended tool life.

Greenleaf-360 end mills use a substrate with proven capability in a variety of materials, from low carbon steel alloys to heat-resistant alloys. The sub-micron grade provides great toughness and wear resistance so one grade can be applied in many different applications.

The PVD coating that’s standard on all Greenleaf-360 end mills provides added productivity and performance, offering a very low coefficient of friction with an extremely high service temperature range.

3-axis CNC machining center

The VM15Di 3-axis CNC machining center offers a compact footprint while featuring X-Y-Z travels of 30" x 16" x 20", reduces cutting times and heat transfer while its quick, quiet direct-drive spindle and CAT40 Big-Plus tooling produces improved surface finishes. The one-piece machine base and solid cast-iron frame delivers one of the heaviest machine weights in its class. It offers a table size of 35.4" x 16", table load of 1,500 lb, 1,417ipm rapid feed, and 1,181ipm cutting feed.

Larger, heavy-duty, linear rails on all three axes are mounted and wedge locked to a machined shoulder for increased rigidity and reduced vibration while Y-axis rails are strategically spaced for increased strength and rigidity.

The VM15Di is equipped with a Hurco control powered by WinMax software and the UltiMotion motion control system. The control supports conversational programming, NC programming, and the company’s NC/Conversational Merge. It features 4GB RAM memory, 10,000-block look ahead, a 128GB solid-state drive, and a 2.7GHz dual core processor.