3D marking and engraving system

Departments - Technology Prescription

February 25, 2016

The LaserTower Compact 2D marking and engraving system is for medical device marking and glass barcode requirements mandated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Systems can include Fonon’s autofocus laser height sensor for reading on transparent and solid surfaces. The system is an industrial-grade machine requiring little to no maintenance.

Designed to operate under continuous shock, vibration, and dust conditions, the system is plug-and-play, requires no consumables, and has a mean time between failure rating of >50,000 hours. Marks created by the machine are permanent, legible, non-removable, and optimized for medical device barcoding requirments as mandated by the FDA.

All marks are easily readable with a mobile scaner on highly reflective metals, including stainless steel and aluminum. Each machine is a production-ready system available with either a fiber or CO2 laser in a variety of wattage options and focal lenses, all optimized for medical device marking and engraving.

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