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5-axis, high-precision VMC; Driver integrated into mini brushless DC motor; Laser processing workstation

August 4, 2021

5-axis, high-precision VMC

The Makino D200Z 5-axis vertical machining center (VMC) handles the complexities of multifaceted, contoured 3D geometries with precision, full 5-axis machining capabilities. Its high-precision, high-speed motion control technologies enable manufacturers to maintain high accuracy and quality requirements, even during simultaneous 5-axis motion.

From roughing to high-speed finishing, the D200Z boosts productivity with competitive processing capabilities for complex dies and molds typically found in the medical and optical markets.

The D200Z’s 30,000rpm spindle and integral direct-drive table provide full 5-axis machining. These capabilities are tied together with Makino’s SGI.5 motion control software to deliver accurate blends and matches of intricate surfaces typical of complex geometry components.



Driver integrated into mini brushless DC motor

The 22ECP miniature brushless DC motor includes an integrated driver to optimize motor performance and simplify installation. The 22mm diameter motor is 35mm in length and delivers 50% more continuous torque without compromising smoothness of operation or motor lifespan.

With minimal speed drop and low motor heating under load, the 22ECP works well with gearboxes while its low inertia makes it suitable for applications requiring fast incremental motion and acceleration such as respiratory and ventilation devices, infusion pumps, miniature industrial pumps, medical hand tools, and valve actuation.



Laser processing workstation

The WL-300A laser processing workstation, integrated with Amada Miyachi’s LMF fiber lasers (10W to 70W), is available in benchtop or floor standing versions.

Featuring fast and precise motorized Z-axis for easy focus adjustment, WL-300A lens options include F-Theta 100mm, 160mm, 254mm, and 420mm for marking a variety of parts. The workstation eases part fixturing with an M6 threaded-hole mounting plate. A fume extraction port is included with flexible tubing.

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