Victor Taichung's 5-axis vertical machining center

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Zeiss' entry-level CMM; Marposs' leak testing solutions; Dunn's acetal catheter core mandrel technology

February 4, 2019

The Victor Taichung Vcenter-AX800 5-axis vertical machining center (VMC) features a 30hp swivel head and 31.4" rotary table. Machine travel is 62" x 27" x 25" (vertical) and 39" (horizontal), with a fixed table work area of 49" x 31.5". Standard spindle speed is 15,000rpm with BBT-40, SK-40, or HSK-A63 tooling options.

Fortune Int’l Inc.
MD&M West 2019 Booth #4024

Entry-level CMM

The Spectrum bridge-type coordinate measuring machine (CMM) line comes with Calypso measurement software, eliminating the need for structured programming, code editing, and line-by-line text editing. With the RDS-C5 articulating probe holder and VAST XXT multi-point scanning sensor, the Spectrum can measure angled features in difficult-to-reach locations. Spectrum CMM measuring volumes range from 500mm x 500mm x 600mm to 700mm x 1,000mm x 600mm while overall footprint is reduced with the Zeiss C99L intelligent scanning controller mounted on the CMM.

Zeiss Industrial Metrology
MD&M West 2019 Booth #3019

Leak testing solutions

Tecna leak testing solutions – leak and flow tests, volume and resistance (burst tests) for sealed products at interception, and under vacuum – verify the integrity of medical products from disposable kits to complex equipment for dialysis or assisted breathing. Various techniques detect flow and leakage including absolute pressure decay, differential pressure decay, direct measure of leak flow, or in-chamber pressure variation. Products can be tested using air or nitrogen.

Marposs Corp.
MD&M West 2019 Booth #1247

Acetal catheter core mandrel technology

Medical catheter manufacturers use Dunn catheter cores to retain critical lumen tolerances during extrusion, braiding, coiling, and jacketing. Low-friction material properties and ultra-smooth surfaces allow these cores to be easily removed after catheter shaft assembly. They are available in precise diameters from 0.020" to 0.250" with tolerances as low as ±0.0005".

Dunn’s proprietary process precision extrudes a solid acetal rod, which is supplied on continuous spools for ease-of-use during catheter processing operations. The cores maintain critical inside wall dimensions during initial extrusion of the inner polymer layer, application of the reinforcing fiber layer, and extrusion (jacketing) of the outer layer.

Dunn Industries
MD&M West 2019 Booth #2033