Artificial intelligence, robotics, automation at EMO Hannover 2019

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Berlin-based start-up Gestalt Robotics will present automation solutions at the trade show this month.

August 26, 2019

Gestalt Robotics founders Dr Eugen Funk (left), Thomas Staufenbiel (center), and Dr Jens Lambrecht (right).

Worker-assistance systems that use augmented reality (AR) to walk assemblers through tasks, software that manages autonomous transport, and artificial intelligence that improves productivity will be on display at EMO Hannover 2019. Gestalt Robotics GmbH, a start-up from Berlin, was founded in 2016 to develop software for mechatronic systems. Robotics were then added, including cameras and image recognition systems. The resulting software is used in autonomous transport, intelligent robot systems, industrial image processing, and is currently being developed by the company to be used in worker assistance systems.

Gestalt Robotics software is used in autonomous transport, robot systems, industrial image processing, and worker assistance systems.

“The aim is to support the worker and improve the quality of the product,” says Thomas Staufenbiel, a founder of Gestalt Robotics.

The final implementation of the worker assistance system – either 3D glasses or a display system – has not yet been decided. The system is being developed as part of a research project, so such decisions must be considered in detail beforehand.

“Winning a contract to participate in a research project is not easy,” Staufenbiel says. “But it’s worth it if we get to become part of a consortium with established players and prove our expertise.”

It is also crucial to gain the acceptance of the people that a product is intended to support, especially with assistance systems. Taking part in trade fairs is a good way to raise public awareness of a company. Because the manufacturing industry is a key market for Gestalt Robotics, the company is participating in EMO Hannover 2019 to raise its profile in this field.

“We’re keen to establish contact with research and development managers in larger manufacturing companies and to understand the strategies of potential users of our software,” Staufenbiel says.

Gestalt Robotics has already taken part in several trade fairs and hopes that attending EMO Hannover will help the company grow, as it plans to double its revenue in the current year. Its customers are mainly robotics users or automotive component suppliers looking to enhance their production. At EMO Hannover, they will be presenting at the start-up stand of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in Hall 9.

Gestalt Robotics GmbH