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Scanning CMMs; Centering vise; Composite fasternes, bearings; Machine-ready blanks; Texture analysis software; spiral mill-thread tools


The Altera C 10.7.5 CMM, equipped with a Renishaw PH10M probe, is the first of three compact CMM sizes to be available. Altera C includes LK Metrology’s Camio 8.5 programming, analysis, and reporting software, plus a Renishaw articulating head and touch trigger probe, which can be replaced with various sensors, including Nikon laser scanners.

The second CMM, the Altera M SCANtek5 10.10.8, is equipped with Renishaw’s Revo-2 scanning probe and Modus software. Altera SCANtek5 is a 5-axis CMM designed for high-speed continuous probe scanning and applications requiring non-contact vision capability or surface finish analysis.

LK Metrology

Centering vise

The Garant Xtric centering vise’s chuck jaw quick-change system enables easy, tool-free changeover. A click mechanism gives the vice an interchange accuracy in the micrometer range. Top jaws can rotate 180° for a large clamping range and high variability when fixturing components. Users can precisely adjust centers on the vises to use multiple Xtrics to fixture a workpiece.

For tool-free changeover, top jaws insert into a dovetail, allowing users to push down via two spring plates until they engage. The click-and-clamp system reduces setup times and production costs.

Rotating top jaws are standard, providing a 0mm to 144mm clamping range for model 80S and 0mm to 194mm for model 80M. Pivot jaws are also available. Vises include longitudinal grooves for alignment on the machine table and adapter plates for zero-point clamping.

Hoffman Group USA

Composite fasteners, bearings

Fiber/Lite composite fasteners and fastening devices – nuts, bolts, pins, hinges – are engineered and made to meet specific customer requirements for use in X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices. Features include mechanical strength, fatigue and corrosion resistance, and weight savings (up to 5x lighter than steel parts). Fiber/Lite can be X-ray transparent for use in medical instruments and processed into various shapes and sizes.

The Tribo/Comp line of self lubricated bearings excel in long wear, weight savings, and protection from highly corrosive environments.

Tiodize Co. Inc.

Machine-ready blanks

Custom precision blanks, ready to load directly into CNC machining centers, can increase shop throughput up to 25% and eliminate in-house sawing, grinding, flattening, squaring, and outside processing. Blanks arrive deburred, clean, and cut to customer specifications: guaranteed as close as ±0.0005" dimensions, ±0.0002" flatness, squareness, and parallelism.

Machine-ready dovetail blanks provide similar productivity benefits by using 4- and 5-axis machining centers fitted with a dovetail workholding fixture. Each dovetail blank includes a precision-machined dovetail to match the workholding the customer specifies, eliminating material prep, and allowing machine operators to simply load, lock, and go.

TCI Precision Metals

Multi-band surface texture analysis software

Multi-band surface texture analysis software – Bandify and Bandify3D – instantly separate surface texture into wavelength bands and display the data in an intuitive, single-screen interface. Bandify also reports wavelength-specific surface parameters, with user-defined tolerance bands to highlight out-of-spec conditions.

Bandify analyzes data from a variety of surface measurement instruments, making it a common platform for all measuring systems. A selection of stylus-based profiling instruments can be controlled directly from Bandify for one-click measurement and analysis. Bandify3D provides similar information for three-dimensional surface measurement data.

Wavelength bands are fully customizable, with user-configurable cutoff wavelengths, display parameters, and pass/fail limits. Both software packages feature drag-and-drop interfaces, allowing users to analyze data in standard formats while the batch process offers rapid analysis of hundreds of measurements.

Digital Metrology Solutions

Mini spiral mill-thread tools

Known for smooth cutting operations at high feed rates that reduce machining time, the mini spiral mill-thread line is available in inch and metric sizes.

The spiral fluted toolholders, with internal coolant bore, hold from 1-to-3 inserts and are available in comparably small cutting diameters. The spiral design reduces vibrations and chatter, resulting in a high-quality surface finish.

The variety of sizes and availability of MT7 sub-micron grade with TiAIN multi-layer coating offers a range of choices and longer tool life.

Carmex Precision Tools LLC

Easy index cutter heads

Fullcut Mill Contact Grip endmills permit easy indexing of cutter heads while maintaining rigidity and accuracy. With the addition of the Fullcut Radius Mill (FRM) and the Ball End Mill (BE), the Fullcut Mill Contact Grip series offers four connection sizes and seven cutter types.

The dual contact grip of the Fullcut Mill Contact Grip uses a threaded coupling system that achieves machining capacity similar to integrated types. The taper and flange face make close contact for solid connection and one holder allows selection from multiple heads.

The FRM includes round inserts with high rake for low cutting resistance for ramping and helical milling applications, while the BE is solid CrN-coated carbide and available with two or three flutes in 16mm, 20mm, or 25mm diameters.

Big Kaiser

Robot solutions, fully automated manufacturing

Suhner tool systems offer powerful machine tools that can be mounted directly on a robot arm, compatible with all robot manufacturers, and ready for continuous use in demanding, high-performance applications, automating operations previously not suitable for automation.

Tools are available for brushing, polishing, filing, belt sanding, or tool spindles. Applications range from deburring operations, stainless steel machining, drilling, and tapping operations to all areas of manufacturing and operations.

Suhner Industrial Products LLC