Ensuring a collaborative, data-driven manufacturing culture
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Ensuring a collaborative, data-driven manufacturing culture

FactoryEye’s collaboration with Visual Decisions Inc. delivers insights to mid-sized manufacturers with a combination of Lean Six Sigma and Data Analysis


FactoryEye N.A., a division of Magic Software Enterprises Ltd, is partnering with Visual Decisions Inc. Visual Decisions Inc. has been at the forefront of improving business processes for manufacturers by helping them adapt smart technologies to modernize their operations since 2002. This latest addition to FactoryEye’s Strategic Partner Program will help mid-sized manufacturers ensure a truly collaborative and data-driven manufacturing culture.

Many mid-sized manufacturers are focusing on improving efficiency, but the captured data is often siloed across multiple systems. To combat this, Visual Decisions Inc. helps manufacturers adapt daily workflows to take advantage of 4.0 capabilities, thus driving continuous improvement across the factory and the company. Visual Decisions Inc.’s partnership with FactoryEye will help drive more efficient and effective solutions across manufacturing.

“Mid-sized manufacturers can implement various methods to improve data collection, but unless people do something differently tomorrow than they do today, they won't see the benefits,” says Tim Stuart, founder and president of Visual Decisions Inc., “They need to be able to take advantage of data to drive continuous improvement across operations. Visual Decisions has “developed a number of best practice scenarios over time by incorporating knowledge from successes in across its base of leading manufacturers.”

Visual Decisions Inc. provides insights for customers implementing the FactoryEye solution by identifying the root causes for current obstacles and building a roadmap to break through each of those barriers. Every week, Visual Decisions Inc. hosts a webinar that can cover topics anywhere from augmented reality for manufacturing to getting the most from an Industry 4.0 investment.

Terri Ghio, president of FactoryEye North America, says, “We are excited to work with Visual Decisions Inc. since they have insightful resources on digital transformation for manufacturers. Both of our teams have a shared passion for bring smart factory solutions to the mid-sized manufacturer.”

If you would like to attend FactoryEye’s executive event ‘The Secrets of Industry 4.0: Knowledge is Power’ on April 28th in Cleveland, Ohio, please reserve your seat at: https://lg.magicsoftware.com/the-secrets-of-industry-40.