Fully automated, 6-sided multifunction machine

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The 715 Series machining center for complete machining of all six sides of complex parts fits between the vertical Chiron FZ 08 S mill-turn Precision+ machining center and the Stama MT 733 machining center. Designed for fully automated, complete machining tasks, part size range is bars up to 65mm or chuck parts up to 200mm, with 20kg maximum workpiece weight.

Two versions are available: Chiron MT 715 (mill-turn) and Chiron MP 715 (multi-profile). The machines include a direct-drive 20,000rpm milling head, a horizontal main spindle, and a matched, opposing counter-spindle to permit continuous multifunctional machining in a single setup – capabilities used to machine hip stems.

Both machines accommodate 128 tools and include integrated workpiece handling and workpiece storage to support automated manufacturing of workpieces in small- and medium-batch sizes. Convenient tool magazine loading and unloading can occur during machining.

The machines can integrate digital systems from the Chiron SmartLine portfolio, including automatic condition monitoring, integrated machine and process diagnostics, machining simulation, preventive machine protection in every mode of operation, remote diagnostics and maintenance, and intuitive operation.

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