High-speed CNC system

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The MXCube features a high-speed spindle, reinforced rigid steel frame, and mineral-cast machine table, allowing for higher loads of high-speed cutting (HSC) milling with vibration dampening.

The machine’s steel drivetrain operates on 25mm ballscrews, and all axes are equipped with absolute linear scales, delivering micron- level tolerances.

The standard, 60-station automatic tool changer (110-station optional) is externally located and shielded from material debris and dust and includes a five-station toolholder that can be loaded/unloaded while the machine is in operation. The standard sliding cabin door is designed for automation integration, and an easily attached conveyor driven chip management system is available.

Other features include integrated LED machine status lighting, coolant level monitoring, air level monitoring, and space for two internally stored 9L coolant containers. A Renishaw TP-20 probe increases machine accuracy, while a magnetic breakaway aids crash avoidance.

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