Hyperion Materials & Technologies launches Precision Solutions by Hyperion

Hyperion Materials & Technologies launches Precision Solutions by Hyperion

The new offering focuses on delivering start-to-finish hard material components.

August 17, 2022

Hyperion Materials & Technologies announced the launch of a new business that will work directly with customers to design and produce finished, precision components. Precision Solutions by Hyperion is a first-of-its-kind business capable of creating specialized tungsten carbide, industrial diamond, ceramic, high-speed steel, and cubic boron nitride products, owning the process from raw material to mass production of finished components. Product capabilities include a wear-resistant components, spray nozzles and seats, blades and knives, core pins, precision dies and gauges, and other components that keep the energy, manufacturing, electronics, medical and aerospace sectors running.

“By controlling the entire value chain for these incredibly intricate, precise components, we’re setting the standard for materials expertise, convenience and speed — not to mention an unparalleled degree of quality control,” said Biju Varghese, senior vice president of engineered solutions at Hyperion. “We offer customers a single point of contact and close partnership through the entire process, from material design to application support to precision manufacturing.”

Engineering and producing precision parts is the core of the Precision Solutions model. The business is capable of machining pins as small as .002" [0.051mm] in diameter; drilling holes as small as .001" [0.025 mm]; lapping surfaces by tenths of a micron; and achieving tolerances of 3/100,000ths of an inch. It’s also capable of creating larger parts, such as complex tungsten carbide forms up to 14" [355mm] in diameter and 31" [787mm] long. Precision Solutions engineers can help companies prototype products and design parts with complex geometries, such as hollow spaces and recessed surfaces.

Precision Solutions combines the materials science and engineering expertise of Hyperion Materials & Technologies with the manufacturing, grinding and finishing services offered by recently acquired companies, including GLE-Precision, a cutting-edge global precision machining leader; Crafts Technology, a provider of tailor-made cemented tungsten carbide solutions; and Aggressive Grinding Service, a precision carbide and ceramic grinding business.

“These companies have long shared Hyperion’s passion for safety, employee engagement, customer experience and growth, as well as providing best-in-class services and products,” Varghese said. "These shared values make them welcome additions to the Hyperion family and makes the launch of Precision Solutions an ideal match.”