IMTS 2018 Conference: 7DoF Machine Control Drive Automation in Groundbreaking Projects

IMTS 2018 Conference: 7DoF Machine Control Drive Automation in Groundbreaking Projects

Discover how 7DoF real-time feedback can help augment machines to fully control the manufacturing process


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About the topic

Data is king in the Smart Factory. Companies are migrating toward agile, data-driven manufacturing ecosystems, and harnessing traditional silos of information for deep insights into production. 7DoF technology provides a new layer of data opening the innovation door to precision robotic automation and machine control. In this presentation, I will discuss major development projects like MEGAROB, Kraken and other initiatives that utilize 7DoF to drive these advancements forward for small and large-scale manufacturers. Why is 7DoF technology important? The movement in the manufacturing industry to bring quality control inline is paramount to continuous improvement. Closed-loop manufacturing and on-demand intelligence is most complete when users have real-time access to 3D measurement data.

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The presentation will cover how accurate robots can be verified and deployed within manufacturing, and explain how 7DoF real-time feedback can help augment these machines to fully control the manufacturing process of a large assembly. Use cases will be presented to cover additive and subtractive manufacturing, as well as a unique combined solution currently being developed. The discussion will also cover how the closed-loop process will reduce or eliminate the need for a downstream QC verification process. The presentation will also explore how metrology can coexist within an existing manufacturing process by allowing a robot to run more accurately for milling or drilling operations, or to perform independent part verification after a machining process. 7DoF provides capabilities that have been missing until now to move enterprises in the direction of machine automation and the Smart Factory. The industry has the tools to forge data-driven strategies that leverage quality data throughout the entire production process.

Meet your presenter 

Joel Martin serves as the Laser Tracker product manager for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. Martin has spent more than 20 years dedicated to the Leica laser tracker product line and the industrial metrology market. He entered the profession as an applications engineer after his university studies in Electrical Engineering. He worked hands-on with clients to ensure successful product integration into industries such as automotive, aerospace, and more. Martin transitioned into other roles in sales and key account management. Promoted to Product Manager, Joel focused on new product development working closely with the technical staff at the Leica factory headquarters in Unterentfelden, Switzerland.

Martin is currently responsible for new business development of the Leica Absolute laser tracker product line into emerging and growing markets. He leads product development with a market- driven mindset focused on features, benefits, and solutions that satisfy end user requirements. 

Martin has published multiple white papers on the use of laser trackers, metrology-assisted applications, and automation. He has presented internationally on the topic of laser trackers and how they apply to industry. Much of his recent work has been focused on how metrology applies to factory automation. Martin is the co-author of the patent for PowerLock, an innovative vision technology that greatly advanced the usability of laser tracker technology.

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