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In-house post-processing for 3D-printed titanium implants; America Makes launches education training network


In-house post-processing for 3D-printed titanium implants

Tangible Solutions recently added staff to provide expanded post-processing offerings. Tangible, a contract manufacturer of American-made 3D-printed titanium orthopedic implants, handles all phases of orthopedic implant creation, offering design support, prototyping, 510(k) clearance support, 3D printing, post-processing, and testing throughout and after production.

“The cost in time and dollars involved in post-processing steps can vary widely; and if these processes are outsourced for a manufacturing project, the costs can be even higher,” says Adam Clark, Tangible CEO. “A contract manufacturer that manages an additive manufacturing project from beginning to end within their facility can save a customer important time and costs when introducing an implant to the market.”

Tangible delivers all post-processing steps required for 3D- printed titanium orthopedic medical devices – including laser marking and passivation.

“The addition of laser marking and passivation to Tangible’s list of services almost completes our journey to becoming a full end-to-end contract manufacturer of 3D-printed titanium orthopedic implants,” says Chris Collins, Tangible COO.”

America Makes launches education training network

Continuing its goal to build an additive manufacturing (AM) talent pipeline across Ohio, America Makes will launch the Ohio Secondary Education Additive Manufacturing Training Network.

Created in collaboration with and support from the Ohio Development Services Agency (OSDA), the network will provide formal education and training of AM technologies for high school students and educators to equip them with the skills to fill advanced manufacturing jobs. Initially, there will be 10 high schools statewide.

The network leverages best practices and industry-vetted content/curriculum from America Makes, and its membership community offers industry recognized credentialing and badges along with tailored training and coaching for teachers, principals, and counselors. Each school receives six Dremel DigiLab 3D45 Advanced Idea Builder 3D Printer bundles with materials and supplies.