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February 25, 2016

Mini tools

High-precision, multifunction mini tools are available in standard inch dimensions for small size applications and Swiss-style machining. They offer high performance threading, turning, grooving, boring, and chamfering in conventional and hard materials.

Carmex Precision Tools

Automated finishing

The Surf Finishing automated surface finishing machine is for deburring, surface grinding, smoothing, and polishing of delicate components with complex geometries. The system enables full automatic dry or wet processing of components previously finished using manual or mechanical systems.

Rosler Metal Finishing USA LLC

Portable measuring arm

The 77 series Romer Absolute Arm portable coordinate measuring machine offers accuracy for 3D measuring applications. Available in five sizes, from 2.5m to 4.5m measuring volumes, it can be switched on and used without warm-up or referencing. Probe changes can also be made without recalibration, and acoustic and haptic operator feedback facilitate usage in shopfloor environments.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Laser welding system

A 2m laser with increased absorption by clear polymers enables controlled melting through optically clear parts, supporting clear-to-clear plastic welding without laser-absorbing additives. The beam delivery system integrates a programmable multi-axis servo gantry and a scan head, harmonizing the action of components moving the beam for precise and controllable beam delivery.

The machine’s software can break complex weld patterns into separate geometric segments, modify each segment independently, and assign different welding parameters to each segment. The integrated CCTV camera offers a live weld preview and the ability to monitor and record welding cycles. The welding system also allows rapid changeover of a wide variety of specialized tooling cassettes.

Dukane Corp.

Quick-change jaw system

The DoveLock jaw setup can reduce jaw change time by up to 90%. It consists of a master jaw with built-in dovetail quick-clamps designed to hold and lock the jaws into position. Once the master jaws are in place, the machinable jaws locate with the master jaw and lock up using the machinable jaw’s three hex head bolts. The machinable jaws can be rotated 180° and machined on both sides for holding two different parts.

Kurt Mfg. Co.

Tapping attachment

The modular GNCK tapping attachment can meet the requirements of individual machines. An integrated, maintenance-free reversing gear eliminates the need to change machine direction. The torque support locks the unit relative to the spindle, making automatic tool changing possible. 

Bilz Tool Co. Inc.

Grades for silver PVD-coated inserts

A line of Tiger·tec Silver PVD-coated inserts are designed for machining stainless steel, high temperature alloys (ISO-M and ISO-S), and other difficult-to-machine materials. The inserts are also effective for some small steel (ISO-P) components in mass production. Tiger·tec Silver PVD offers high temperature wear resistance and toughness, while surface smoothing on the rake face reduces friction. The lower PVD layer thicknesses delivers sharp cutting edges.

Walter USA LLC

Air-driven spindle

The RBX12 high-speed air-driven spindle offers a variable rotational speed of 100,000rpm to 120,000rpm and enables existing machines to be upgraded to perform high-speed micro-machining in a normal machining center. The AA-grade Mega Micro Collet guarantees 1m runout at the collet nose, and the 0.004" collapsibility assures a concentric clamping of a micro-tool shank, enabling ultra-thin wall cutting. The RBX12 also minimizes thermal displacement in the Z-axis for top precision.

Big Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.

Laser texturing machines

The Laser P 400 3-axis machine and Laser P 400U 5-axis machines offer repeatable laser texturing and structuring for small parts. The dual laser head includes a fiber nanosecond laser and femtosecond pulsed laser that allows texturing and engraving of a surface with a single setup, extending the range of materials that can be used.

GF Machining Solutions

Laser tube cutter

The updated Sigma Laser Tube Cutter can be used with microsecond fiber and femtosecond disk lasers. With 3- and 4-axis motion options and the ability to cut tubes with diameters from 0.2mm to 25mm, the Sigma can be used for wet and dry cutting. It features an automated tube loader option and a 22" display screen on a swing arm.

The laser cutter maximizes throughput with high-speed direct-drive integrated X- and Theta-lathe-axis stages. With 2-, 3- and 4-axis options, the tube cutter can be configured to cutting applications for both on- and off-axis geometries. Lathe stages are mounted directly to a granite base, while the vertical and horizontal stages are mounted to a granite gantry secured to the base.

Amada Miyachi America