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Mazak explains the importance of machine tool builders’ replacement part support programs.

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1. Why is a machine tool OEM’s replacement parts operations so critical?

The efficiency of service/replacement parts department operations plays a critical role in today’s manufacturing world. This holds true because the more time it takes to get a service part, the longer a particular piece of equipment or system sits idle, crippling a company’s overall production output.

2. What are key capabilities of an effective parts operation?

An effective parts department must not only ship/deliver as quickly as possible, but also have the capacity to support all the company’s existing equipment in the field, old and new.

3. How does Mazak streamline the parts fulfillment process for shops?

To streamline replacement parts ordering, Mazak’s MPower Customer Service and Support program enables shops to digitally connect with Mazak and view an online image of the part along with its price, then easily place an order from Mazak’s inventory of more than 60,000 unique part numbers in stock and receive next-day delivery. Eventually, shops will simply pull up their specific machine model and serial number, and Mazak will cross reference the part number to ensure the correct replacement. This information is obtained currently with one simple phone call or email.

Also, key to streamlining parts ordering is Mazak’s Remote Assist service, part of the company’s MPower program and that shortens repair time and reduces the costs associated with in-person field service calls. Once a customer downloads a simple mobile or web app, a technician at one of Mazak’s Technology Centers, Technical Centers, or at its Florence, Kentucky-based headquarters can then interact with the shop’s connected devices to send specific work instructions and communicate with the shop just as in a face-to-face service call.

Remote Assist eliminates an in-person diagnostics visit before parts are ordered, saving an average of two days of downtime. In addition to combining diagnostics and part orders into a single virtual visit, Mazak’s Remote Assist also offers three-way connections that let service technicians collaborate on solutions with other experts.

4. What’s Mazak’s strategy for fast parts delivery?

As a result of an approximate $2 million expansion to its North American Parts Center at its Florence, Kentucky campus, Mazak can provide immediate same-day delivery for 97% of all parts orders. Additionally, the company further streamlines access to its massive stock of spare parts through the MPower program that puts customers in touch with the North American Parts Center 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

The Parts Center expansion increased the facility’s storage capacity by 15%. Two fully automated vertical lift module storage systems boost small parts capacity by 5,000 parts and added 16 cantilever racks with four pallets each for a total of 64 new pallets.

5. What is Mazak’s current capacity in replacement parts shipping?

Mazak’s Parts Center currently ships 1,000 aftermarket parts daily and has the capability to process up to 2,000 orders within a 5-hour shift. Since Mazak customers are busy during working hours and most often place part orders late in the afternoon, the Parts Center is staffed well into the evening to ensure those orders get same-day shipping.

For Mazak, special systems, software, and processes along with its MPower Service and Support Program heighten speed, efficiency, and capacity for Mazak’s machine tool service parts operations.

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