Youngstown, Ohio’s YO LAB for medical training, education

Youngstown, Ohio’s YO LAB for medical training, education

YO LAB provides an opportunity for perfecting surgical skills and conducting medical device development, testing, and evaluation.


Poland, Ohio ? With medical practitioners, residents and medical device experts in mind, Youngstown’s brand new medical training and education lab, YO LAB is now open. Its multi-purpose bioskills facility provides an opportunity for perfecting surgical skills, teaching techniques and conducting medical device development, testing and evaluation.

YO LAB’s 3,500ft2 of total facility space includes a lecture room, locker rooms, private showers, kitchen, treatment rooms, and access to catering services. As the only lab of its kind in the Youngstown area, YO LAB aims to inspire continued education and improve the local medical communities’ skillset through its state-of-the-art facilities and technology, all in a convenient location.

Whether a medical practitioner looking to perfect a technique, an attending physician looking for teaching space, or a sales representative looking to demonstrate the latest device, YO LAB offers 3,500ft2 of suitable space and proper accommodations. Surgeons have access to 1,000ft2 of laboratory space, in addition to three fully-stocked treatment rooms, equipment, and instrumentation.

YO LAB’s facility space is also designed to accommodate medical education needs. A multi-station wet bioskill lab training area provides space for practice, while a lead instructor station with multimedia broadcast capabilities allows for real-time instruction. As a training and research facility, YO LAB allows for use of whole, fresh-frozen cadavers, along with complete tissue sourcing, preparation, storage, and disposition.

Medical sales representatives can use YO LAB’s video recording capabilities to demonstrate intricacies of the latest devices, and host any educational and training events, including Saw Bones labs. Ground-level loading and an instrument storage area are also available.

Maura DiDomenico, managing director and the owner of YO LAB, comments, “Our facilities are designed to encourage and strengthen the ongoing development of our medical community in Youngstown and surrounding areas. We hope to make continued research and learning easier, by providing the right space and tools through YO LAB.”