Mill-turn centers for single-cycle, complex parts machining

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February 1, 2019

Stama MT 733 series vertical spindle mill-turn centers handle 6-sided/ simultaneous 5-axis machining, including milling and turning from bar or chucked parts in lot sizes as small as one. One- and two-spindle machine configurations machine aluminum to high-alloy steel bar from 15mm to 102mm diameter and lengths of 1,020mm. It can produce workpiece lengths up to 250mm, and chuck parts up to 250mm in diameter. Milling spindles offer speeds to 20,000rpm, turning spindles to 4,200rpm, and traverse speeds to 56m/min. Spindle acceleration to 1.3g minimizes cycle time while completely processing parts.

MT 733 series models are compatible with bar or chuck component machining for complex parts from bar, bar segment, semi-finished component, or casting. The MT 733 one, MT 733 one plus, and MT 733 two plus versions are also capable of either/and simultaneous – bar and chuck work.

A polymer concrete base frame in a thermo-symmetric structure offers high heat capacity and low heat conductivity. Adaptive software for active milling spindle compensation reduces temperature-related variations in the Z-direction.

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