Stratum Ankle Fusion Plating System
Stratum Ankle Fusion Plating System
Nextremity Solutions, Inc.

FDA 510(k) clearance for Nextremity Solutions’ Ankle Fusion Plating System

The Stratum Ankle Fusion Plating System is an addition to the Stratum brand of plating systems for the foot and ankle.

January 21, 2022

Nextremity Solutions, Inc., a strategic commercialization organization with a focus on the extremity musculoskeletal space, located in Warsaw, Indiana, received 510(k) clearance by the Food & Drug Administration to market its upcoming Stratum Ankle Fusion Plating System.

“The Stratum Ankle Fusion System is a comprehensive system of anatomical plates to provide surgeons anterior, lateral and posterior fusion options. The design team has done an outstanding job identifying the obstacles that plague current ankle fusion cases and developing innovative solutions to meet those unmet needs,” says Adam Finley, Director of Product Development for Nextremity Solutions.

The Stratum Ankle Fusion Plating System is an addition to the Stratum brand of plating systems for the foot and ankle. The previous launches of both the Stratum Foot Plating System, as well as the Stratum Reduced Size Foot Plating System have proven to address the needs of surgeons in the marketplace. This expansion of the Stratum brand will result in close to 90 options to treat deformities and fractures in the human foot and ankle.

“It has been a pleasure for our team to work with a group of key surgeons from around the globe to develop our Stratum Ankle Fusion Plating System,” says Ryan Schlotterback, Chief Technology Officer for Nextremity Solutions“This is a comprehensive system and incorporates the on-plate compression Stratum is known for. We look forward to continuing to expand the Stratum brand and meet the needs of our surgeon partners.”

“As a company that is resolutely committed to the development of surgeon-driven technologies, I couldn’t be prouder of our team in this most recent achievement,” adds President & CEO, Rod K. Mayer.

The Nextremity Solutions Stratum Ankle Fusion Plating System is indicated for stabilization and fixation of fractures or osteotomies, intra and extra articular fractures, and multi-fragmentary fractures, revision procedures, non-union and malunion, joint fusion and reconstruction of small bones of the feet and ankles including the distal tibia, talus, and calcaneus.