Plant Operations - Siemens

2018 IIC Conference - Presentations

July 26, 2016

Monday, 9/12

9:00 to 9:55 a.m. / W-192-C

Session Topic: Competency Management and Performance Improvement for the Next Generation

The resurgence of manufacturing in the United States has created an increased demand for new learning resources and programs for on-boarding and retraining skilled workers. An increased need for more skilled technicians is driving many businesses to evaluate current knowledge management and training processes to meet tomorrow’s challenges sooner.

Attend this presentation to hear from training experts, Richard McNamara and Dr. Irving A. Brown, to understand why industrial manufacturers need to assess competencies, how to build effective and efficient learning plans, and long-term strategies to remain consistent over a lifetime technical career.

This presentation will discuss the next steps to be taken toward closing skill gaps through a variety of platforms and new technologies.

Dr. Irving Brown. Ph.D.

Innovations Development Manager
Siemens Industry Inc.

Dr. Irving Brown has a diverse background in automation, instruction and learning, and technical training anchored by degrees in engineering, mathematics, and STEM education. In his current role, Brown and his team are responsible for identifying, developing, and evaluating innovative customer learning solutions.

Rick McNamara

Product Development Manager
Siemens Industry Inc.

Rick McNamara has worked in the technical learning field for over 35 years and is currently responsible for the product life cycle activities for a portfolio of over 80 technical learning products at Siemens Industry Inc.

Siemen’s industrial manufacturing software and process automation drives technology, increases flexibility, cuts market launch lead time, and significantly reduces energy or wastewater costs for manufacturing companies. The result is increased sustainability for our customers, while driving their competitive strengths.

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