IMTS 2022 Conference: Productive Applications of Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing
Productive Applications of Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing with Rick Neff LLC
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IMTS 2022 Conference: Productive Applications of Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing

Discover the history and potential of additive manufacturing.

August 1, 2022

About the presentation
Large format additive manufacturing (AM) burst on the scene in 2014 when the AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology collaborated with an industry and government team to 3D print a car named Strati in the emerging technology center at IMTS. This event thrust a new technology into the collective imagination of the manufacturing world. There was then a race to find applications that made business sense. Tooling for composite manufacturing emerged as an excellent application of AM technology. Carbon and fiberglass parts can be molded and trimmed by tools made with large-scale AM. Tooling can be additively manufactured for a fraction of the cost and lead time compared to conventional methods. Learn about the latest applications in aerospace, marine, and energy. Another emerging application is in architecture. Architectural features can be produced with additive manufacturing. 3D printed molds for concrete can be manufactured faster and last longer. Learn about architectural features like displays and furniture that are granting architects and designers new freedom to create unique durable products. These applications drive an evolution in technology and materials.  Machines are bigger, faster, and easier to operate. Strong, high-temperature materials are available for tooling. Bio-based materials are gaining popularity. New applications are emerging rapidly. Learn how large-scale AM has evolved into a productive, reliable production process.

Powered by AMT and managed by GIE Media, The IMTS 2022 Conference features 69 different sessions you won’t want to miss so register today. Focused on a range of topics that include process innovation, plant operations, quality/inspection, and automation, The IMTS 2022 Conference addresses improving productivity; improving part quality; and developing a stable, competent workforce to lower the cost of manufacturing in the United States and create new levels of market demand.

Meet your presenter

Rick Neff is a consultant focused on innovations in large-scale additive manufacturing. He is a mechanical engineer from Lehigh University with more than 40 years of sales, marketing, business development, and public speaking success. He introduced and commercialized manufacturing technology innovations like large-scale AM and linear motor drive laser cutting systems. He built experience working with industry leaders and now owns his own consulting company. Neff collaborated with Thermwood Corp., Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Techmer PM, SABIC, Firehawk Aerospace, Ingersoll, Local Motors, and the University of Maine on presentations promoting AM. He’s committed to accelerating innovation through collaboration.

About the company
Rick Neff LLC is a business consulting service for additive manufacturing, metal fabricating, and laser systems. It is focused on marketing management and product planning.