Selecting an optimized miniature motor system for your medical application

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Miniature motor technologies for medical applications & devices, surgical hand tools and surgical robotics.


In today’s evolving medical device marketplace, technological advances are fueling demand for innovative yet safe and reliable applications. For those involved in the development and manufacturing of medical devices and equipment, the demand for safety and quality brings with it new and exciting challenges.

How does one build equipment and devices that meet hundreds of stringent needs? How does one decide with whom to partner in this far-reaching world of medical device and equipment manufacturing? Where does an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) turn to find motors capable of navigating the many demands of the healthcare industry?

Miniature motors provide the optimal motion solution when it comes to help powering these innovative new devices, at the highest level reducing overall footprint and weight without sacrificing precision and control.

PORTESCAP is a leading global manufacturer of miniature motion solutions, helping put the power and precision in the smallest spaces. You can depend on our engineering experience, application support, and manufacturing excellence for your medical applications, devices, and tools.

Medical applications & devices

With Brush DC motors, Brushless DC motors, Stepper motors, and Linear Actuators, Portescap is here to help find the perfect motion solution for your application. You can count on our low vibration and noise levels, and reduced EMI/RFI emissions, while offering high efficiency, precise motor control, and reliability. Our motors can be found in numerous medical innovations, including infusion systems, respiratory and ventilation devices, pipettes, ultrasound transducers, biopsy systems, lab automation, and more.

Surgical hand tools

With a complete range of sterilizable motor and controls solutions design to withstand up to 3,000+ autoclave cycles, Portescap surgical motor solutions offer industry leading performance and reliability needed to withstand many surgeries. These Slotted Brushless DC mini motors are designed to reach torques of up to 6.5N•m and speeds up to 100,000rpm, excellent heat dissipation, and unparalleled protection of internal components to maximize safety and reliability. Throughout the last few decades, our motors have powered various surgical hand tools including orthopedic drills and shavers, ENT instruments, surgical reamers, bone saws, surgical staplers, and powered surgical screwdrivers.

Surgical robotics

Portescap offers a comprehensive portfolio of motor technologies and drives for all surgical robotics needs. Our Coreless and Iron Core Brush DC motors, as well as Linear Stepper motors, are well suited for the motion requirements of joint manipulation, articulation, haptics, and other actuation outside the sterile field. Sterilizable Brushless DC motion solutions provide the high speeds, torque, and precision to power any endoscopic, arthroscopic, or orthopedic end effector. Our motors can be found in a wide variety of surgical robotic applications, including: Autonomous and Semi-autonomous Robotic Surgery Systems, Robotically Assisted Surgical Devices (RASD), Smart Hand Tools, and Guidance & Navigation Systems.

Whether you require unique modifications or a complete motor customization and assembly, our motion solutions can be tailored to your needs, including shaft cannulation, ground-up electromagnet design, mounting features, custom gear ratios, and more to reduce assembly costs while providing a power-matched component. Let our industry expert design engineers collaborate with your team to select and optimize the optimum technology for your performance-critical application.