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Socket machining made faster, simpler; All-purpose measurement software; Automated laser marking systems


Socket machining made faster, simpler

Shaper Duo tooling is a suitable alternative to traditional socket machining methods, such as end milling and rotary broaching. The insert design and programming for the shaper tool generates less tool pressure than broaching tools, key to consistent part production. Part cycle time is greatly reduced due to an efficient machining process vs. end milling. There’s no requirement for a high-speed spindle or time-consuming, complicated programs. Shaper Duo tooling fits the back spindle of Swiss machines. The system generates consistent part socket tolerance and corner edge sharpness. NTK’s selection of hexalobular (6-lobe) insert bars can machine T6 up to T30 sockets. Each hexagon insert, 2-sided bar, can generate a range of socket sizes; the smallest bar Hex range is 1.5mm to 2mm and the newest and largest bar range is 11mm to 14mm (Base AF 12.7mm). NTK has 2-sided insert bars for square sockets as small as 1.9mm and up to an 8.1mm AF range.

NTK Cutting Tools

All-purpose measurement software

Zeiss Calypso 2021 reduces the time and effort needed to analyze workpieces. It offers more than 60 new functions and improvements, significantly improving performance in quality control. Improved mathematical algorithms and other innovations deliver measurements 20x faster than the 2020 version.

Users can also significantly speed up their entire optical measurement processes, reducing unnecessary travel paths and increasing the possibility to sort measurement elements. It combines as many measurement elements as possible into one camera position, which the pre-set zoom level determines automatically.

Another enhancement, Zeiss Calypso dynamic planning, allows for a simple adjustment of the inspection scope based on dynamic rules from MES/CAQ solutions. Applying the dynamic rules saves significant time during the measurement process, and because users don’t change the measurement plan themselves, these don’t need to be recertified.

The new software version also optimizes programming, making it possible to program from the PMI with STEP AP 242.

Zeiss Industrial Quality Solutions

Automated laser marking systems

RoboMate LaserEtch is an integrated laser system that can be added to the ANCA RoboMate loader for the TX and MX platforms, allowing laser marking of individual tools in-process. After grinding, the tool is automatically laser marked without adding tool takt time. This means there’s no need for additional equipment on the factory floor, and it reduces work in-progress from the smart use of the robot loader idle cycle time.

An automatic stand-alone laser marking station, AutoMarkX, allows the operator to simply load up to two full pallets of tools while the robot performs the laser marking operations. The system’s flexible marking means the message can be etched on a single side of the shank or on opposite sides of the shank or at the end of the tool. Codes, such as Datamatrix, are usually etched on the shank where they risk exposure to excessive surface wear, often rendering them unreadable. The end of the tool is the best location to etch this code.

AutoMarkX is ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS) ready, so the systems can be integrated into the AIMS Server to become a part of a fully automated production cell. Sequential tool production processes are fully automated through to laser marking on the tool. AIMS also provides a platform for extended functionality including tool traceability and serialization.

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