High-functioning, Swiss-type lathe for large-diameter machining

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The Star CNC SX-38 Type B, a 12-axis, compact Swiss-style machine with slant-bed construction, maximizes productivity for difficult-to-machine materials up to 42mm diameter. The capability to keep 80 tools resident with high horsepower motors means heavy metal removal rates and flexibility. B-axis surfacing with up to 135° travel handles up to 0.5" diameter tooling. Software technologies increase effectiveness including:

  • Star CNC’s High Frequency Turning (HFT) software: Handles chip control in tough materials
  • Star CNC’s motion control system: Optimizes programs to reduce cycle time
  • Star Monitoring and Operator Support System (SMOSS-i): Allows remote monitoring with real-time efficiency reporting and operator intervention predictability

This high-functioning, large-diameter model – with gang-type and turret-type tool posts – serves the precision machining requirements demanded by the medical, automotive, and aviation industries.

Star CNC Machine Tool Co.

Specifications, SX-38 Type A/B