Tech Etch’s New Innovation Center
Tech Etch

Tech Etch’s New Innovation Center

The company’s new center offers project development and quick prototypes for customer innovation and invention projects.


Precision product manufacturer, Tech Etch, a trusted provider of critical components for our world’s most advanced military, medical, and aerospace applications, opened its new Innovation Center, located at the company headquarters in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Innovation Center is dedicated to turning customer innovation into invention by offering manufacturing services to guide every stage of project development. From early-stage concept verification to full production volume, Tech Etch works to make complex designs a reality.

“Through the Innovation Center, prototypes can be manufactured in a matter of days,” says Chad Mello, business development manager. “Our customers will benefit multiple ways in using the Tech Etch Innovation Center. They gain an innovative, fast-moving solution for their prototype builds, knowledgeable product development, all while taking advantage of our engineering expertise, quality and experience.”

Tech Etch is working hard to support customers in building a better world. The Innovation Center provides customers with greatly accelerated lead times for prototype builds. Through the Innovation Center, quick turns can be made in one day, which cannot be achieved through normal production centers. Customers benefit by using Tech Etch as a solution for their prototype work as well as taking advantage of their engineering expertise, quality, and experience.

The Innovation Center also offers design services to enhance manufacturability of products when they are ready for production. With the company’s industry leading expertise, Tech Etch will have already anticipates design needs and will provide solutions leading to higher yields and lower costs for customers.

As a customer, Tech Etch can be used as a one‒stop shop by offering capabilities to move customers from prototype development to full volume production, while eliminating many challenges or complexities of sourcing multiple suppliers. The Tech Etch Innovation Center is smaller in volume and dedicated for specific jobs, making it less prone to disruption and delays over the course of production.

The Innovation Center all starts with an idea. Customers can submit their ideas to technological support that provides design recommendations and creates a quote within 24 hours. From there, dedicated staff and state-of-the-art equipment provides the quick and nimble service to deliver superior service and quality. Tech Etch is working hard to support customer innovation that betters the world, one part at a time.