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Vertical lifting column, Festo Experience Center, Digital amplifiers

September 5, 2018

Linak LC3, 3-stage lifting column provides quiet, powerful, and safe movement to operating tables, surgery chairs, and X-Ray equipment. It offers high bending moment, speeds up to 29mm/s, noise level less than 50dB, and a safety factor of 5.

Its bending moment makes it suitable for applications with large off-center loads that require solid and stable movement. Push versions range from 4,000N, to 6,000N and pull versions up to 4,000N.

It is available in two versions with a minimum built-in dimension of 320mm (standard) and a 440mm version for heavy-duty performance. Both versions easily integrate the column into applications. More than 30 combinations of cables through the column are available.

Festo Experience Center

Festo has opened its first North American Festo Experience Center in Santa Clara, California. The 5,000ft2 facility’s demonstration hall features augmented reality devices that allow visitors to virtually experience manufacturing and processing systems.

Rotating exhibits showcase active and static displays of the latest automated manufacturing and processing solutions. The center also includes a laboratory for focused customer solutions and training and meeting areas.

Digital amplifiers

Atlas digital amplifiers from PMD Corp. are single-axis modules with torque control of DC brush, brushless DC, and step motors. Amplifiers are used with third-party microprocessors or field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) via serial peripheral interface (SPI) communications.

Versions are available in 75W, 250W, and 500W power configurations in two module sizes: 27mm x 27mm x 13mm and 39mm x 39mm x 15mm.

Amplifiers provide automatic protection from over-current, under-voltage, over-voltage, over-temperature, and short-circuit faults. Other features include programmable gain parameters and performance trace.