NSK America’s Sheenus Zero Ultrasonic Polisher

NSK America’s Sheenus Zero Ultrasonic Polisher

February 22, 2021

NSK America Corp


NSK America Corp. introduces the Sheenus Zero Ultrasonic Polisher. This high-performance polisher rapidly removes hard layers of EMD deposits and is ideal for plastic molds, press, casting, forging, trimming, & header dies. The Sheenus Zero polishes complex corners, ribs, and other hard to reach areas. This polisher can also be used for grinding & mirror finishing on a wide range of materials from aluminum to cemented carbide.

Compact, ergonomic & easy to maneuver, the Sheenus Zero boasts a 29% reduction in weight compared to the previous model, as well as a 16% increase in output power, and a 13% reduction in rated power consumption. The Sheenus Zero has increased visibility with a blue LED readout on the controller, and blue LED on the handpiece that flashes during operation to indicate power on.