Prima Power Laserdyne adds Fasttrim software

Prima Power Laserdyne adds Fasttrim software

April 15, 2019

Prima Power Laserdyne
3D/Additive/Alternative Software

Fasttrim CAD/CAM software for use with Prima Power Laserdyne’s multi-axis precision laser processing systems is an all-in-one software enabling users to model parts, define process paths, define feature locations, and build part fixtures. It allows posting a complete program for 2D and 3D laser welding, drilling, and cutting applications.

In partnership with Cenit AG, Prima Power Laserdyne has a complete machine and CAD/CAM solution which meet customer requirements for applications in the medical device, aerospace, automotive, and general manufacturing industries.

Fasttrim supports the Laserdyne 795, Laserdyne 430, and Laserdyne 606D systems. Users can take full advantage of the capabilities within these systems including welding (with and without wire feed), percussion drilling, hole trepanning, and cutting using QCW and CW lasers.

Some highlights include:

  • Full part simulation with collision detection allows programmer to eliminate potential issues before sending program to manufacturing floor
  • Auto programming functions automatically program part based on geometry of the model
  • Simultaneously supports up to 6 axes       
  • Provides ability to modify tool paths through sheet offset, cutter offsets, axis translations