New Scale Technologies' Virtual Coordinate System software (video)

October 8, 2020

With the latest software release for its Multi-Probe Micromanipulator (MPM) System, New Scale Technologies has made it even easier for neuroscience researchers to quickly and accurately position multiple silicon probes for acute in-vivo neural recording. The new Virtual Coordinate System (VCS) in the MPM System software dramatically simplifies planning, simulation and execution of neural recording experiments.

The software allows control of multiple probes within a common stereotactic coordinate space. It ensures that all probes follow the desired approach angles and insertion trajectories to reach target points in the brain atlas. The result is highly accurate positioning with less time spent on geometry calculations and set-up, and more time on actual experiments. It is compatible with probes from imec (Neuropixels), NeuroNexus, Cambridge Neurotech and more.

Simplifying highly accurate positioning of multiple silicon neural probes within a common stereotactic coordinate space.