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September 8, 2015

Miniature linear ball rails

Suited for high-speed, belt-driven mechanisms and carrier designs, and automation linkage between stations, miniature linear ball rails are offered in accuracy grades precision (P), high (H), and normal (N).

The three classes allow customers to choose dimension height and width, and variation for height and width of a different runner block on the same position of a rail. All classes use stainless steel and feature two rows of recirculating balls in a gothic arch profile that provides a 45° contact angle. Greater surface contact at the same rail width increases equal load capacity in all directions.

Lubrication is aided by a system for circulating and storing oil. Injection holes on either end of the runner block deliver oil to the stainless steel balls which also lubricate the raceway, achieving long-term, maintenance-free linear motion.

Nook Industries Inc.


Mini positioning stages

The Q-521 miniaturized, piezo-driven linear positioner includes open-loop and closed-loop design options. Feedback sensors provide 1nm resolution.

Gearless stick-slip drive motors, powered by the natural static and dynamic friction coefficients found between two surfaces, require fewer components that can wear, making the stages more compact.

The self-clamping motor design provides long-term, power-off, position-hold capabilities without the need for a brake.


  • 21mm x 30mm x 10mm
  • Integrated linear encoder
  • 1nm and 4nm resolution available
  • XY configurations without adapter plate
  • 12mm, 22mm, and 32mm travel
  • 10mm/sec max. velocity

Physik Instrumente GmbH & Co. KG


Hollow core rotary actuators

Integrated rotary actuators are available in two table sizes, the HDCT-100 and the HDCT-130, each with a choice of three motors. An optional sensor kit and control modules such as: Profibus, Devicenet, and Ethernet – and easy point-and-click programming – allow for integration into new and existing applications.

Each of the hollow core rotary actuators is available either with the MIS231 integrated stepper or with an integrated servo motor – the MAC140 or MAC400.

JVL Industries Elektronik A/S


Internal mix spray nozzles

Internal mix atomizing spray nozzles atomize fluids in a range of spray patterns and liquid volumes. Combined liquid and compressed air inside of the air cap produces an easily adjustable mist of atomized liquid.

Stainless steel construction allows for durability and corrosion resistance. Available in 1/4 NPT and 1/2 NPT connections, all models are adjustable and CE compliant.

Exair Corp.


Small integrated motors

M12 Lexium MDrive products, with IP65 certification for protection against water and dust in harsh environments are compact and deliver up to 2x the motor torque with hMT closed loop technology.

Network options include EtherNet/IP, ModbusTCP, Profinet, CANopen, and serial RS-422/485 with programmable motion control and pulse/direction input, enabling interoperability with devices from various vendors.

Schneider Electric Motion USA


MicroDot needle valve

The xQR41 series microdot needle valve features an exchangeable modular design for customization and process control, and a quick release (QR) clasp that allows removal of the fluid body to replace wetted parts in seconds.

Multiple valves can be mounted close together for greater output per batch, increasing production throughput. The small form factor results in a smaller wetted path, resulting in less retained fluid and minimizing fluid waste. It can be fed from a variety of reservoirs, syringe barrels, external cartridges, or tanks.

The QR clasp secures the fluid body to the air actuator and can be removed tool-free with a turn of a thumbscrew.

Nordson EFD LLC


Electric actuators

Electric rod actuators and rodless electro-mechanical actuators are available for specification for complete motion control systems. A mechatronic design tool, with its cloud-based architecture, helps mechanical, electrical, and controls engineers create prototype machines.

The motion analyzer combines application requirements with product ratings and specifications to provide solutions that precisely meet needs.

ERD electric actuators are a low-cost alternative to pneumatic cylinders. The RSA high-thrust actuator combines high performance and mounting flexibility. Rodless electro-mechanical actuators (MXE, MXB) are available in both screw- and belt-drive designs and a variety of bearing style options.

Tolomatic Inc.


Adapter power supplies

The DTM165 adapter power supplies is housed in a rugged, vent-free enclosure. AC is applied using a standard IEC60320 cable and DC provided through a 4-pin, power-DIN connector. The adapters feature over-voltage and over-current protection; are compliant with CEC, ERP, and EISA level V requirements; offer <0.5W off-load power, are certified to 60601-1 3rd edition; and feature 2x MOPPs input to output.

TDK Corp.


MX-Nylon polyamide

A meta-xylene diamine polyamide, MX-Nylon offers mechanical and barrier properties for molded components and devices and medical packaging applications.

Polymer components do not interfere with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized axial tomography (CAT), fluoroscopy, and X-ray imaging.

MX-Nylon offers gas barrier properties against oxygen and carbon dioxide. Heat stability and a wide processing window allow this polyamide to be co-extruded or co-injection molded with other polymers, such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene (PP), or polyethylene (PE) for multi-layer medical packaging or containment systems that require low oxygen permeation. MX-Nylon is also suitable for applications that must withstand sterilization by gamma, e-beam, ethylene oxide, and retort methods.

Foster Polymer Distribution


Voice coil stages

VCDS-051-089-01 series linear motion voice coil stages feature a voice coil motor, ball bearing linear slide, home switch, and an integral optical quadrature encoder with differential outputs.

Available in standard models with positioning resolutions of 1.0µm, 12.70µm, 25.40µm, and 29.95µm, and with a 4.005" x 3.000" (101.7mm x 76.2mm) stage, and convenient mounting holes, this series of stages integrates in new and existing applications.