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October 5, 2015

Single tine IDC contacts

The single contact version of the 9176 series insulation displacement connectors (IDCs) provides gas-tight, wire-to-board connections. Backward compatible with existing 9176 series connectors, the 9176-65X single-tine IDC contacts offer robust, reliable performance while reducing cost and size.

The 9176 – 65X series contacts feature a multipurpose cap that keeps the contacts in position prior to automatic placement and then acts as an assembly tool for terminating wires, eliminating hand soldering, crimping, and two-piece connectors.

AVX Corp.


Line of gas springs

With internal components optimized for low friction, consistent operating forces, and a long life, the gas springs feature several technical improvements that contribute to their smooth manual operation and durability. New slide bushings and seals reduce friction and wear; and an extended piston rod guide accommodates high off-axis forces. The springs also feature large gas passages.

Cylinder sizes are 15mm to 40mm, and strokes range from 20mm to 1,000mm with forces from 40N to 5,000N. The gas springs are suitable for on-site filling with an optional filling kit. Application engineers will size the gas springs on behalf of customers for optimum operation.

Ace Controls Inc.


Wire-to-wire connector system

The EM12M series single position, snap-in lock power connector supports up to 90A using 22mm² cables. The series uses mating keys and colored housings to prevent mis-wiring in installations with multiple wire-to-wire connectors. Providing additional safety measures, the EM12EM series meets the IEC 60601 finger test to protect field operators from electrical shock.


  • Quick snap-in inertia lock
  • Accepts 38mm², 22mm², and 14mm² wire sizes
  • Accepts BUS bar connection
  • -25°C to 105°C temperature range
  • 0.5? max. @ 1A contact resistance
  • 1,000? @ 500VDC max. insulation resistance
  • 600VAC/DC connector rated voltage
  • Up to 90A rated current
  • 3,310VAC withstanding voltage rating

Hirose Electric Co.


Self-clinching blind nuts

The self-clinching blind nuts permanently install into thin metal sheets to provide reliable and re-usable metal threads for accepting mating screws and completing final component attachment in an assembly. Their blind, closed-end design effectively creates a barrier to protect the nut’s threads against foreign matter, preventing potential damage to the internal components from mating screws.

The carbon steel (Type B) and stainless steel (Type BS) nuts install quickly and permanently into aluminum or steel sheets as thin as 0.040" (1mm). The nut is inserted into a properly sized mounting hole in the metal sheet and then squeezing force is applied until the nut’s flange contacts the mounting sheet. Upon installation, the nut becomes a permanent part of an assembly, and no secondary operations are required.



Low-pressure check valve

Normally open, low-pressure check valves are designed to prevent backflow of fluids into the primary IV container. The check valves operate with gravity/flow pressure for optimal shut-off performance. The check valves have a low-back-pressure of 6.75" of water maximum to reseal and a high-back-pressure of 30psi of water.

Lipid resistant and made without natural rubber latex, the valves are available as a bulk non-sterile product or for integration into a custom fluid administration set.

Configurations include needle-free, dual check, aspiration, low pressure, trumpet, normally closed, and in-line.

B. Braun Medical Inc.


Bioabsorbable magnesium wire

High-strength bioabsorbable BioMg 250 magnesium alloy, is now available in wire form for biomedical orthopedic procedures. Available at 1.1mm and 0.3mm diameters and yield strengths that can be varied between 300MPa and 370MPa, potential applications include K wire, suture wire and cables, tension band wiring, mesh for stents, and fiber-mesh for reinforcing hydroxyapatite bone-filling cements.



Electromechanical switches

A series of 134 connectorized electromechanical switches are guaranteed for 1 million life cycles. RF relay switches connector options include SMA, N Type, TNC, and 2.92mm, and are offered in popular configurations such as SPDT, DPDT, SP4T, SP6T, SP10T, and Transfer.

The switches cover frequency ranges from DC to 46GHz and have power rating ranging from 10W to 275W. The RF switches also boast high isolation up to 80dB, switching speeds ranging from 15ms to 50ms, and low insertion loss ranging 0.2dB to 0.6dB. All materials and finishes are in accordance with applicable MIL standards.




Circulation heater

PUR-X circulation heaters feature replaceable fluid tubes on a spiral- grooved cast aluminum body to help ensure contamination-free heating.

Available in two sizes, the PUR-X 1000 and PUR-X 2000 are capable of heating liquids or gases. Both models feature replaceable fluid tubes made of perfluoroalkoxy (PFA), a polymer capable of withstanding temperature to 500°F (260°C). PUR-X circulation heaters also feature Teflon-coated aluminum bodies. The Teflon protects the heater body from chemical damage and enables easy cleanup.

Cast Aluminum Solutions


Platinum-cured hose

The Silbrade Platinum braid-reinforced hose is manufactured using platinum- cured silicone thermoset material. The platinum curing results in fewer extractables, allowing for a purer flow of product. The reinforcement allows for increased pressure capabilities. Silbrade is stocked in sizes from 1/4" to 1" ID.

New Age Industries Inc.


Power amplifiers

Coaxial high reliability RF power amplifiers, with broadband frequencies ranging from 0.5MHz to 20GHz, can operate in temperatures from -55°C to 85°C. These power amplifiers are designed to overcome electrical and mechanical stresses from exposure in harsh environments. Rugged package enclosures can withstand vibration and shock exposure during handling and transport. Some models feature integrated heat sink and cooling fans for improved thermal dissipation performance, which can extend operating life.


  • 100W saturated output levels
  • 12VDC to 42VDC single positive voltage supply
  • 11dB to 58dB small signal gain levels
  • 66dBm IP3 linearity in high dynamic range
  • Unconditionally stable

Fairview Microwave