10 inventory tips using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software

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Global Shop Solutions offers advice for small- to medium-sized manufacturers to avoid past mistakes.

August 5, 2021

1. Clear out inventory garbage – Process your inventory correctly, consistently, with no exceptions

2. Regulate your inventory counts – Perform physical inventory, cycle counts on a regular basis and produce accurate numbers

3. Evaluate unused inventory – Evaluate obsolete, low turnover inventory regularly, not yearly

4. Know your business’ trends – Keep inventory labeled to control it between physical inventories

5. Research your vendor’s competition – Pick up those annoying sales calls occasionally so you know what else is out there

6. Automate as much as possible – You have inventory issues if job costing becomes a full-time job

7. Record your inventory flow – As consumed or shipped, it needs to be recorded

8. Listen to your business with ERP – Manufacturers using ERP correctly are faster, smarter, and more profitable

9. Correct employee mistakes immediately – Address inventory mistakes early to reduce risk of losing money, inventory, and production

10. Always ask questions – Don’t guess how to do it, reach out to customer service for the best success

Learn more from Global Shop Solutions’ https://www.globalshopsolutions.com.

Learn more from Global Shop Solutions’ https://www.globalshopsolutions.com.