Stratasys appoints Yoav Zeif as CEO

Departments - 3D + Additive

The Virtual Foundry names first certified sintering partner.

January 31, 2020

Yoav Zeif, Stratasys’ chief executive officer effective Feb. 18, 2020, replaces interim CEO Elchanan (Elan) Jaglom who will continue in his role as chairman.

Zeif brings broad, global experience in industry transformation to Stratasys, having served in senior leadership roles for public and private multi-billion-dollar corporations, leading worldwide operations across industries and professional domains.

“Stratasys has led the expansion of the 3D printing industry for more than three decades, but the potential impact of this transformative technology across all industries is just beginning,” Jaglom says. “Yoav brings the strong combination of leadership and global operational experience to fuel our next stage of growth. We are confident that as CEO he will advance our offering and further our vision to reshape the world of design, prototyping, and manufacturing.”

The Virtual Foundry names first certified sintering partner

Sapphire 3D is The Virtual Foundry’s first certified sintering partner for its plastic- infused metal filaments, having improved heat-treating of green parts made from The Virtual Foundry’s open-architecture Filamets.

“In addition to their proficiency with our materials, the team at Sapphire 3D also shares our vision, which is to make metal 3D printing attainable to everyone,” says The Virtual Foundry President Tricia Suess.

Sintering 3D-printed metal parts is an art and a science, with sintering cycle temperature and duration often requiring tweaks based on shape, structure, and material.

“Successfully sintering a metal part involves some trial and error,” explains Sapphire 3D Founder David Lawson. “The decisions you make during part design and printing affect the outcome of the process.”

The firm has maintained a database of every sintering cycle performed with Filamets, enabling 100% success with copper and bronze, and approaching that level of proficiency with stainless steel 316L.